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Maintaining a Stair lift 

When you purchase your brand new stair lift you can expect the unit to operate for at least a couple of years with little to no issues. However, like all machinery stair lifts are prone to error and may need maintenance or even a repair job done to resolve the situation. There are early warning signs and things to look out for to make sure you can resolve the issue without the need of a maintenance/repair job and if needed when to call someone. 

Checking and Preventing Damage

One of the first things to consider if the stair lift is being used properly. For example having only 1 person on the lift at a time or having the stairlift carry a weight that exceeds its weight capacity. Proper stair lift usage will prevent the unit from decaying and being damaged. 

The next course of action is checking the stairlift itself to see if the unit is displaying any error messages or alerts. Stair lifts have their own diagnostics system depending on the brand and can even suggest a solution to the issue. Harmar for example has an LED indicator on their units which will display a different color light or a blinking light to alert the user of an issue. An amber light indicates that the unit is obstructed by something in its path while a red light warns the user they may need to make a service call. 

Lastly you should if possible also clean your stair lift to prevent dust or dirt accumulation. Not just on the seating and footrest, but also on the rails that the stairlift is connected to.  Be careful with cleaning the unit and take care not to unintentionally damage the stairlift while cleaning rails or seat. 

Who to call for Maintenance & Repairs

In the event of a need for a maintenance or repair job, contact your stair lift dealer or the manufacturer of the unit for them to fix the problem. Most vendors actually offer a maintenance and repair plan for their customers with different pricing and benefit tiers. Here at Patriot Mobility we offer our Worry-Free Package Plan that covers you for at least 2 years of labor and 1 maintenance call all the way to 5 years and 4 maintenance calls. We can perform maintenance and repair jobs on any stair lift or unit even if you didn’t purchase the unit from us. 

Most stair lifts also come with a warranty on them usually for about a year. Check your unit to see if it has any manufacturer warranty attached to the name.  

If your’re interested in learning more about how maintenance or repair calls works, need a maintenance/repair job done or are interested in our Worry-Free Package please feel free to reach out to us at 1 (800) 392 9036 or click the button below: