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Wheelchair Ramps

Our selection of access ramps come in a variety of styles, materials and sizes to ensure you get the best solution for your mobility needs. 

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Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum Handicap Ramps built to last and help you get to where you need to go

Threshold Ramps

Wheelchair threshold ramps for small steps and elevation in/out of your home

Folding Ramps

A portable wheelchair ramp allows you to easily bring your ramp with you on the go 

Commercial Ramps

ADA wheelchair ramp products built to last for your business or public space

Our Accessible Ramp Manufacturers

Our Wheelchair Ramps for Homes
  • Safe, reliable and cost effective solution for your home
  • Quick installation performed by our expert technicians
  • Maintenance free and built to last at least a few years
  • Grants you the freedom of mobility in your home
  • Great for the outdoors and weather resistant
Modular Ramps

Modular wheelchair ramps are some of the most common ADA ramps on the market. An Aluminum wheelchair ramp can be used either for residential or commercial purposes and is an all-round great mobility solution. These products come with 2 types of surfaces: mesh and treaded. Both of these access ramp types offer a non slip surface and quality protection from rain and snow. These ramps can take less than a day to install and are ready for use right afterwards.

Portable Ramps

Scooter ramps offer excellent versatility for those with mobility needs since they can be used on the go. There are 2 main types of portable ramps: folding and threshold ramps. Threshold ramps can be installed in your home if needed or brought with you on the road. Rubber threshold ramps make for an easier carry on. Folding ramps are used more for on the go, granting superb storage capabilities and can extend to add more length when needed. 

Commercial Ramps

ADA Compliant commercial grade ramps give any business, public place, or school safe indoor and outdoor accessibility. Common commercial ramps are modular based systems, however the difference between them and commercial ramps is the ADA compliance requirement. Public ramps must have handrails, picket rails, and a 1 inch to 1 foot incline. ADA guidelines promise patrons and customers that the ramp they use is government approved and safe for use.  

Our Techs and Services

Our Patriot Mobility Technicians are highly trained professionals whom can confidently install any wheelchair ramp or other mobility product you need with ease. In addition to performing installations, they can also conduct stair lift, vertical platform lift, and handicap ramp repairs even if the product wasn’t bought from us. However our technicians main priority is and always will be to make sure you can gain the freedom of mobility in and out of your home. For info on how our technicians operate visit our installations page.

We also offer a 1 year of labor guarantee and each new product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty just in case. For more info feel free to visit our repair and maintenance page. 

Mobility Ramp Q&As

Which accessible ramp should I get?
The style depends on location, spacing, amount of people using said the handicap ramp and how long it will be in place. The best way to get a clear answer on which ramp to go with, is to have us do a free consultation of your home.
Is a mobility ramp a safe solution?
These mobility devices for the home are highly safe solutions so long as it has been installed by a trained professional. Our blog on this matter will help inform you of what to look for when assessing your ramp.
How long will one take to install in my home?
We can install one within hours depending on the type and how much ramp is being installed. For longer ramp lengths, the process may take the majority of the day to finish, but can be done on that same day.
What does it mean for a wheelchair ramp to be ADA compliant?
ADA ramps are built according to ADA guidelines set up by the US government. While residential ramps don’t need to follow the guidelines, they do ensure the mobility device is built properly and safely.
Do I need to have construction work done beforehand?
You don’t need to have construction work done for a unit, however you do need to have the space for installation. Aluminum mesh ramps, wooden ramps, portable ramps etc.. can be assembled on site easily and quickly.
What’s the price range for a residential handicap ramp?
Prices can range from anywhere under $100 to over $1000. Wooden mobility ramps and portable wheelchair ramps are a more cost effective option.
Will I slip when it rains or snows?
Highly unlikely since outdoor wheelchair ramps have a tread or mesh that allows for rain or snow to not affect your movement. Even with wooden ramps they have grips and a non slip surface.
How much weight can a ramp hold?
Scooter ramps usually hold a weight of 800lbs, however they can reach a weight capacity of 2000lbs. We can more into detail about these units on our blog here.
Is a used ramp good for my home?
If it is only temporary, then a used wheelchair ramp is not a big deal to use. However, if you are looking for a permanent mobility solution, you should consider a brand new one, since used ramps could have wear and tear or defects.
Can I build a DIY ramp?
You can build your own access ramp, however you must have the knowledge, materials, and tools to build a proper one. Without all 3 requirements, you risk creating an incline that is too steep, not strong enough to support the weight, or doesn’t prevent slips/falls.

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