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Wheelchair Ramps

Our selection ramps come in a variety of styles, materials and sizes to ensure you get the best solution for your mobility needs. 

Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum Handicap Ramps built to last and help you get to where you need to go

Threshold Ramps

Wheelchair threshold ramps for small steps and elevation in/out of your home

Folding Ramps

Our portable wheelchair ramps allow you to easily bring your ramp with you on the go 

Commercial Ramps

ADA Compliant ramp products built to last for your business or public space

Our Accessibility Ramps:
  • Safe, reliable and cost effective
  • Quick installation performed by our expert technicians
  • Maintenance free and built to last 
  • Grants you the freedom of mobility in your home 
Our Techs and Services

Our Patriot Mobility Technicians are highly trained professionals whom can confidently install any wheelchair ramp or other mobility product you need with ease. In addition to performing installations, they can also conduct stair lift, vertical platform lift, and handicap ramp repairs even if the product wasn’t bought from us. However our technicians main priority is and always will be to make sure you can gain the freedom of mobility in and out of your home. 

We also offer a 1 year of labor guarantee and each new product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty just in case. For more info feel free to visit our repair and maintenance page. 

Mobility Ramp Q&As

Which Ramp should I get?
The style depends on location, spacing, amount of people using said mobility device and how long the ramp will be in place. The best way to get a clear answer on which ramp to go with, is to have us do a free consultation of your home.
Is a Ramp a Safe Solution?
A ramp product is a highly safe solution so long as it has been installed by a trained professional and the wheelchair ramp slope is not too steep. Our blog on this matter will help inform you of what to look for when assessing your ramp.
How long will the ramp installation take to complete?
We can install a ramp within hours depending on the type of ramp being installed and how much ramp is being installed. For longer ramp lengths, the process may take the majority of the day to finish, but can be done on that same day.
What does it mean for a ramp to be ADA compliant?
ADA compliant refers to a handicap ramp being built under the American with Disabilities Act guidelines. The guidelines have strict requirements that must be met in order to have people with limited mobility enter establishments easily.
Do I need to have construction work done beforehand?
You don’t need to have construction work done for a ramp, however you do need to have the space for installation. Aluminum mesh ramps, wooden ramps, portable ramps etc.. can be assembled on site easily and quickly.
What’s the price range for a wheelchair ramp?
Prices can range from anywhere under $100 to over $1000. Wooden mobility ramps and portable ramps are a more cost effective option.
Will I slip on my Ramp if it rains?
Highly unlikely since outdoor ramps have a tread or mesh that allows for rain or snow to not affect your movement. Even with wooden ramps they have grips and non slip attachments.
How Much Weight can a Ramp hold?
Residential ramps usually hold a weight of 800lbs, however they can reach a weight capacity of 2000lbs. We can more into detail in our wheelchair ramp blog here.

See What Others are Saying about Patriot Mobility

Mack M.
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I was looking online for ramp installers for my parents house in Clover, SC. We were referred to Patriot Mobility by National Ramp after I went on their website researching options. Troy from the Charlotte office was our estimator and installer. He was on time and very thorough in his work. We would recommend Patriot Mobility to anyone that has a family member that has mobilty issues. 10/10
John P.
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"I am very pleased with the ramp. There was one man that installed the ramp his name was blessing and it was truly a blessing that he installed the ramp because he did a great job he put that ramp together like he has 30 years experience. I recommend patriot mobility to any one who needs a ramp and nobody will beat there prices I am sure ty."
Cindy G.
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I highly recommend Patriot Mobility. They are very professional, friendly, knowledgeable on all the equipment needed for my husbands care. They spent time to explain how to use the equipment, then they made sure I could properly and safely use the equipment on my own
Richard M.
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I was drawn to Patriot Mobility because its owner (Ed) served as a Marine and I was buying the wheelchair ramp for my Mother, wife of a Marine who served in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. And I am very happy and completely satisfied with the experience. Their on-site expert and installer (Frank) was friendly and knowledgeable and their sales rep (Annie) was terrific. She clearly was interested in doing the best possible to meet our needs. Overall - very competitive, great product, and professionally installed. Moreover, my 101-year-old Mother is very pleased and happy! I recommend Patriot Mobility without qualification.
Dario D.
Read More
Talk about knowing how to run a business. As a disabled veteran I have gotten various products such as a tailgate tray to carry my scooter a scooter a power chair every time I call their rapid to help and their extensive knowledge and experience proceeds them I thank God that there a guys like you out there to help us veterans and even those who are not veterans thank you so much

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