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Patriot Mobility Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL) will ensure you get in and out of your home safely and comfortably. Find out if a Residential Lift is right for your home today!

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Bruno VPLs

A Bruno wheelchair lift offers top quality lifts, customizable parts and secured platforms

Harmar VPLs

The Harmar wheelchair lift are easy to use and provide a smooth and comfortable ride. 

Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Whether its an outdoor or indoor unit, a vertical platform lift for your home is a perfect solution for your mobility and long-term aging in place. Unlike stair lifts or wheelchair ramps, wheelchair lifts can easily carry you and your scooter or wheelchair in a secure environment without the worry of going up and down the stairs. You can also personalize your residential elevator to fit your needs, such as having internal batteries for power outages, extra locks for security, or assisted gate mechanisms. 

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Commercial VPLs are ADA approved and expertly installed to ensure your customers have the safest experience possible. All ADA vertical platform lifts follow strict design guidelines and government regulations and are handled by trained professionals. These units are a viable option for businesses, public spaces, schools. A commercial wheelchair lift also has more access to custom builds such as enclosed spaces, higher gates/heights, and or emergency kits.

Our Techs and Services

Our Patriot Mobility Technicians are highly trained professionals whom can confidently install any wheelchair elevator or other mobility product you need with ease. In addition to performing installations, they can also conduct stair lift, wheelchair ramp, and vertical platform lift repairs even if the product wasn’t bought from us. However our technicians main priority is and always will be to make sure you can gain the freedom of mobility in and out of your home. 

We also offer a 1 year of labor guarantee and each new product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty just in case. For more info feel free to visit our repair and maintenance page. 

Vertical Platform Lift Q&As

How Safe are Vertical Platform Lifts?
A VPL is an incredibly safe option for your home accommodating your wheelchair if needed, using obstruction sensors as a failsafe for potential debris blocking the VPL, and having the ability to work during a power outage. There is more info on this subject in our blog article.
How long can a VPL last?
A residential lift can last for at least a couple years and certainly longer the better maintained it is. The only thing that does need the occasional replacement are the batteries if your particular unit uses them.
How much does a Residential Elevator cost?
Vertical Platform Lifts usually have a starting price of $9000 and can go up depending on what additional features are added to the unit.
Are Vertical Platform Lifts only for Outside the Home?
VPLs or also known as porch lifts are usually for outside your home, most likely the front of the home. However, they can be installed inside your home as well if needed and feasible.
Do I need to have construction work done beforehand?
Unlike most mobility solutions, VPLs do generally need to have construction done prior to installation. This work can include concrete placement, adding an additional walkway or for indoor jobs possibly changing the structure of the room.
Can a Vertical Platform Lift be customized?
Wheelchair Elevator can come with additioanl features not included in the unit such as differenty types of landing gates, multiple remote controls and even a phone kit.
Will my VPL work during a Power Outage?
It depends on how the lift is being powered. If it is receiving electricity from a power line connected to the home then no it will not work during an outage. A unit with batteries installed can work during an outage, just keep in mind that the batteries do need to be changed at a point in time.
Is there Warranty or Maintenance for a Residential Lift?
Our products come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and we also offer maintenance or repair plans. For more info visit our repair and maintenance page.

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A Light at the End of a Dark Tunnel

5 stars

"If I could give PATRIOT MOBILITY 10 stars I would! Frank and his team did an AMAZING JOB for my daughter. She got stuck in our handicapped accessible vehicle for 4 hours and Frank identified the problem and came to our home to get her out of the vehicle. Thankfully a few days later FIXED our lift after a few years of going back and forth with it. The next best thing is that they also service stairlifts and vertical stairlifts!! It is one stop for me and they are kind, courteous and professional I don't feel like I am at care dealership and the man is about to take ALL my money! Patriot Mobility welcome to Long Island you guys are a light at the end of a dark tunnel."

Patriot Mobility was Extremely Helpful

4 stars

"Patriot Mobility was extremely helpful throughout the process. Jose is very knowledgeable and was caring to our needs. We had lots of questions and he answered every single one which helped put us at ease. We are extremely happy that we chose Patriot Mobility."

Every Time I Call Their Rapid to Help

5 stars

"Talk about knowing how to run a business. As a disabled veteran I have gotten various products such as a tailgate tray to carry my scooter a scooter a power chair every time I call their rapid to help and their extensive knowledge and experience proceeds them I thank God that there a guys like you out there to help us veterans and even those who are not veterans thank you so much."

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