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Wheelchair Carriers

If you need a mobility wheelchair carrier, scooter lift, or wheelchair lift for your vehicle Patriot Mobility has you covered. We can order you a brand new car lift and install it quickly onto your car to help you retain your mobility on the road.

Hoist Lifts

fits on vans/trucks/SUVs

lifts up to 450lbs

easy to store

power lifting available

Hitch Lifts

fits on cars/trucks/SUVs

lifts up to 400lbs

easy to use

great for power scooters

Hybrid Lifts

fits on trucks/vans/SUVs

saves parking space

lifts up to 450lbs

manual and power lifts

Our Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles
  • Enables Your Mobility Anywhere You Go
  • Reliable and Long Lasting Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles
  • Easy Storage Capabilities and Saves Space 
  • Works on Small Cars, Vans, Trucks, and SUVs
  • Durable Against the Outdoor Elements such as Rain and Snow
Hoist Type Lifts

Hoist lifts are wheelchair/scooter devices that transport your mobility unit to your vehicle of choice. Typically, these scooter lifts are used for SUVs and pickup trucks thanks to their ability to save space. You are also able to use your back cameras since the lift is installed inside of the vehicle. It also makes parking easier, because you don’t need to worry about colliding into other objects and have as much space as any other vehicle.

Hitch Type Lifts

Wheelchair carriers for truck hitches are mounted on the outside of your vehicle, usually on the bumper or back of your vehicle. These mobility devices can operate without much difficulty and can be operated with the flip of a switch. Not only are they easier to use, but they have a high weight capacity for even the heaviest of wheelchairs. A wheelchair hitch lift also provides secure belts in the platform to ensure your mobility device doesn’t fall off the lift.

Hybrid Type Lifts

These types of wheelchair lifts are a combination of hitch and hoist that require guidance to carry the scooter or wheelchair and can be stored inside vehicle. Hybrid lifts offer the same advantages of hoist lifts where they allow the use of a backup camera and can be stored easily. Hybrid lifts have the same advantage as hoist lifts with their ability to save parking space, while also having some of the user-friendly features of a hitch lift.

Our Techs and Services

Our Patriot Mobility Technicians are highly trained professionals whom can confidently install any wheelchair carrier or other mobility product you need with ease. In addition to performing installations, they can also conduct wheelchair ramp, vertical platform lift, and stair lift repairs even if the product wasn’t bought from us. However our technicians main priority is and always will be to make sure you can gain the freedom of mobility in and out of your home. 

We also offer a 1 year of labor guarantee and each new product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty just in case. For more info feel free to visit our repair and maintenance page. 

Scooter Lift Q&As

Which scooter lift should I buy?
Getting a scooter car carrier depends on the type of vehicle you have. You also need to consider your range of mobility as some lifts require some manual direction while other lifts can operate with the press of a button.
Are wheelchair lifts safe to use?
Wheelchair carriers are a viable and reliable option for your mobility device and independence on the road. They are secured onto the back or side of your vehicle with a high weight capacity. In addition car lifts all operate to make loading your wheelchair as easy as possible.
How long does it take to install a wheelchair carrier for my vehicle?
Scooter lifts are one of the fastest devices to install. These devices are handled by a trained professional allowing the turnaround time to take on average 1-2 hours.
Can I load a wheelchair by myself if I need to?
Some of these units offer automatic functionality for the loading process. However, it is important to note that if you have very limited mobility, you may need assistance loading your wheelchair, especially if it is a manual lift.
Will I need maintenance for my unit?
Wheelchair carriers, unlike other mobility devices, can suffer from wear and tear. Luckily, maintenance for these lifts is not too expensive and most maintenance jobs are even faster to complete than mounting the unit. If you notice anything wrong with the lift, always have it checked by an expert.
Will my wheelchair come off the lift?
Although it is very rare, it is possible for your wheelchair to become unsecure and come off the lift. This is why it is important for your installation to be handled by a trained technician.
How much weight can these lifts hold?
Wheelchair lifts for vehicles are able to handle weights ranging from 200 to 450lbs. Heavy duty lifts work better with power scooters that carry large batteries, while regular scooter lifts are more than capable of carrying a manual wheelchair or light scooter.
What mobility devices can I load on my scooter lift?
Mobility scooter lifts for cars are designed to load your wheelchairs and power scooters onto your vehicle with as little effort as possible. Each lift serves a purpose for a specific device and range of mobility, so its important to choose wisely before purchase.
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