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Recovering at Home

There may be a time when you have to stay at home for a period of time due to injury or a recent surgery. Side effects, pain, medication and home care are potential obstacles to overcome when recovering at home. Following your doctor’s orders and getting rest are essential to recuperation, but sometimes you may temporarily need medical equipment to help you navigate through your daily tasks.  Planning for what you need to make your life less difficult is also an essential component.  

Life during Recovery

One of the first big questions you should ask yourself during this period of recuperation is whether you are able to take care of yourself or not. If yes, then you need to make sure you don’t push yourself beyond what the doctor has recommended you do and not to overexert yourself. Remember to take the medications you need to take as instructed by your doctor and make a schedule to assist you in tracking your intakes. If no, then you might need someone to help you around house with some or all of your basic essential task like dressing or cooking. Family members, close friends or health home care aids are the ideal group of people to help you. Getting the help you need sooner than later will only benefit you.  

Tools to Help Recovery

Another big question to ask yourself and your doctor is if you will need any medical equipment during the recovery period. Crutches, wheelchairs, casts and even slings all present their own challenges when it comes to everyday life. Luckily most medical equipment can be rented to help avoid hefty costs and improve your quality of life. For example , if you need to be in a wheelchair for a period of time in a multi level house, then you may need someone or something to help you get up the stairs. If you don’t have someone available to help you, then a stairlift rental is a good option to take. If you have crutches and need to travel or commute a long distance everyday, a rental mobility scooter can be a great quality of life addition. Handrails or a shower chair can alleviate safety concerns when you are taking a shower with a cast, or have trouble standing on your own. Order/rent all of the tools you need to help improve your current situation. 

Having a Positive Mindset

The road to recovery can be very stressful, difficult and inconvenient. It is important to remember that this period is only temporary and staying positive is the key to staying on track towards a healthy life. Taking your medications on time, following your doctor’s instructions and receiving the help you need can being only when you adopt an optimistic mindset. Getting a new hobby or talking with friends and family could help you focus on staying positive and recovering fast. 

Planning and preparation can make your recovery experience much less strenuous and taxing on your physical and mental well-being. Always consult your doctor for all the info you need and steps on what to do when recuperating at home. If you are in a wheelchair, cast or other medical device, consider renting some medical equipment to aid in your everyday life. If you are in need of medical equipment, whether it be from a surgery, injury or medical condition feel free to explore our products or give us a call at 1 (800) 392 9036.