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What Types of Stair lifts are there?

Stair lifts can come in many shapes and sizes depending on the situation and the particular solution needed to handle it. Types of stair lifts include: Straight Stair lifts, Custom Curved Stair lifts and Outdoor Stair lifts. Each stairlift has its own customization settings, features, designs, and style to give you the best solution possible. Some are best for indoor elevation while some are great against the elements. Whatever stair lift you need, there is bound to be one that is a perfect fit. All it takes is a little bit of knowledge of what’s out that, a trustworthy seller/installer, and the drive to gain the freedom of mobility.  

Straight Stair lift Models

Straight Stair lift models are the most popular option among homeowners and are a standard option for homes. They are also the most inexpensive among the other types of stair lifts. These models are mainly used for any straight staircase in your home. They also come in different colors and seating options to fit your tastes and needs. Installation on these models usually take around 24 hours depending of the length, width and number of stairs. These models also offer variants that allow the stairlifts to operate in certain situations. Folding Rail Stair lifts are straight stairlifts that can operate in much more narrow hallways/stairways. Power Swivel models give control of the seat itself to swivel at the bottom of top of the stairs. The Straight Stair lift is perfect for homeowners who have a simple staircase and want a simple, inexpensive solution. 

Custom Curved Stair lift Models

Custom Curved Stair lifts are as the name implies meant for staircases that have twists and turns. These stair lifts are more expensive due personalized builds and custom rails for the stair lift to operate on. Just like the straight models, these stair lifts also offer different color and seating options. Installation of these ones can vary since each curved staircase is different and requires different lift builds. These models also offer modifications such as a larger seat, a power folding footrest or have the rails go out further away from the stairs. For those that need a way to go and down difficult staircases, a Custom Curved Model is a great choice. 

Outdoor Stair lift Models

Outdoor Stair lifts are models specifically built for for outside your home. These stair lifts have weather resistant seating, a light weight water-proof cover and anodized aluminum rails for a long lasting stair lift. These stair lifts have a straight model and a custom curved model. In addition to these model types you can also have modifications such as Power Swivel Seats and Folding Footrest. If you want to enjoy the weather without worry of falling, an outdoor stair lift is perfect for you. 

Whether you have a staircase that is multiple levels, straight or is located outside, a stair lift can overcome these obstacles and give you the freedom of independence. You can customize each of the 3 models to your liking and needs, all while getting a safe and smooth ride in the comfort of your own home. You can see our stair lift collection for a better look at which stairlift looks best for you. If you are interested in purchasing a stair lift for you or a loved, or just want more info on whether a stair lift is the best option for you, feel free to call us at: 1 (800) 392-9036 or click the link below: