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Product Installations

When you purchase one of our products, we have our expert team of technicians ready to help build and install your new mobility device. All of our technicians are highly trained and skilled in their craft, meeting our high standards and your expectations.

Product Repairs We Offer

Stair Lifts

Straight Stair Lifts

Curved Stair Lifts

Custom Stair Lifts


Modular Ramps

Aluminum Ramps

Commercial Ramps


Indoor VPLs

Outdoor VPLs 

Commercial VPLs

Car Lifts

Hitch Car Lifts 

Hoist Car Lifts 

Hybrid Car Lifts

Stair Lift Installations

Average Install Time: 3-5 Hours
We offer installations for our line of stair lifts which include, but are not limited to, custom curved stair lifts, straight chair lifts, and outdoor lifts. Our technicians will bring the stair lift unit and build it onsite. These devices are usually mounted onto the stairs or railing of a home minimizing the risk of damage to your home’s interior. We will evaluate the inside or outside of a home first to conclude whether or not the property can support a stair lift installation. The average install times depend on the type of unit, but most standard lifts can take several hours to properly mount.

Wheelchair Ramp Installations

Average Install Time: 2-3 Hours
For our wheelchair ramps, our team of installers will bring all of the ramp parts onsite and build it. Accessible ramps we cover are aluminum ramps, commercial ramps, modular ramps, threshold ramps, and metal ramps. We will perform an in-home evaluation to determine which unit is right for you or if another accessibility device is a better fit. Handicap ramps tend to take less time than VPLs or stair lifts, only requiring 2-3 hours. Commercial units on the other hand can vary widely depending on where they are being installed due to outside factors such as permits or documentation.

Vertical Platform Lift Installations

Average Install Time: 6-8 Hours
Platform lift jobs are performed by expert technicians specifically trained to install a VPL. The units we cover are indoor platform lifts and porch lifts. Vertical platform lifts require more preparation and resources than other mobility devices. Whether indoor or outdoor, the VPL needs a foundation to build on and then install the necessary parts for the unit to work. This foundation is created by the technicians with concrete for a reliable and sturdy base. Afterwards the team will build the VPL and test it for safety purposes. These jobs can take the whole day depending on location or potential obstacles.

Car Lift Installations

Average Install Time: 1-2 Hours

We install car lifts from multiple brands onto all types of vehicles. Our car lift installers are capable of mounting hoist lifts, hitches, and hybrid models onto cars, trucks, vans etc… Each lift is carefully mounted onto the back or side of your vehicle depending on the type of car or lift. Car Lifts can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to install onto your car. Once the lift is properly secured, you can use the lift right away for your scooter, powered, or manual wheelchairs.


Our Team of Technicians

Patriot Mobility Technicians are all experts in their field and strive to find the best solution for your home and your independence. They specialize in stairlift elevator installations, car lift mounts, build handicap ramps, and set up porch lifts. We pride ourselves on our comittment to safety thanks to our meticulous evaluation process. Our trained professionals will measure any part of your home in order to install your unit properly. As a result our customers are able to use their mobility device for many years.

Our Installation Process

One of Our Techs Evaluate Your Home
Choose Your Dream Mobility Product
Our Technicians Install Your New Product

Before we install your product, we first perform an evaluation of your home in order to find the ideal solution for you. The evaluation covers measuring, photo taking, and drawings each necessary for the rest of the process. Our mobility specialists will help navigate you to choose the perfect mobility device. Our mobility technicians take all the necessary precautions to give you the product you deserve. We understand that a safe, robust, and long lasting unit is key to your independence, and that is exactly what we deliver to you.

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