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Why You Should Invest in a Vertical Platform Lift


When a stairlift or wheelchair ramp aren’t the right solution to your problem, a Residential Lift aka Vertical Platform Lift, can be the next best alternative. VPLs allow a wheelchair user to easily get to upper/lower levels of their home in a safe, efficient and most of reliable way. While a stairlift and wheelchair ramp can do these as well, a residential lift offers an enhanced weight capacity, additional safety features such as sensors and guardrails and an easy method of elevation for those living independently. However, like other accessibility solutions, a VPL does require some tradeoffs. Things like price, location and construction are elements to consider when purchasing and installing a lift, but the payoff is worth it.

A Lift's Capabilities

As mentioned, residential lifts can carry weights that exceed the capacity of a stairlift. For example a stairlift can usually carry an average of 200-400lbs, while a VPL can carry up to 750lbs. VPLs also offer gates/rails to secure wheelchairs inside the lift with sensors to alert the passenger of any obstructions and halt collision. These lifts are powered by 2 means: battery power or household outlets. An outlet removes the worry of having to change batteries, however in the event of a power outage the VPL will cease operation. A battery can cover you even in the event of a power outage, but has a limited life. Luckily the battery life can last a couple of years, making replacement not much of a hassle. For a more extensive outline of VPL features visit our VPL page or our manufacturer Bruno

Considerations for VPLs

A vertical platform lift does require more labor and satisfied conditions in order to be safely installed. The most obvious consideration is pricing. VPLs are generally more expensive than stairlifts or ramps. A straight stairlift is usually around the $3000 mark and ramps can cost about $1000. Residential lifts start their pricing at around $9000, with the price increasing the more customization there is on it. There is also the lift’s location to consider. Depending on where you want the lift, construction may be required in order to properly build it.  VPLs need more space than a stairlift and require a concrete base to build unto. Sometimes a sidewalk may need to be made in conjunction with the VPL, however this case does not come up often.

Beyond the Lift Features

Aside from the features of a VPL, there are additional benefits to installing your very own lift. For those that are living independently, a stairlift may seem like an unlikely option, especially for indoor elevation. A vertical platform lift can allow you to retain your independence while also giving you the freedom of mobility. These lifts also provide you with a sense of ease as you smoothly go from 1 floor to the next without worry.

For those that want the freedom of mobility, a sense of security and an independent mindset a Vertical Platform Lift is a top choice. If you are interested in purchasing a VPL, a free evaluation or want more info on the topic, feel free to reach out to us: