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Mighty 400 Pool Lift

The Mighty 400 pool lift combines a high weight capacity and a unique rotating frame for a stable and reliable aquatic lift. This aquatic lift can be used for all types of pools, including above ground pools.

The Mighty 400 features the longest reach Aqua Creeks has to offer, making going into the pool safer.

Aquatic Lift Specs

Weight Capacity: 
400lb (181kg)

Seat Size:
Seat Height – 17.5″ (44.38cm)
Seat Width – 18″ (45.72cm) 
Seat Length – 17″ (43.18cm)

Setback Range: 
10″ to 44″ (26cm – 111cm) 

Pool Lift Size: 
Lift Height – 65.6″ (166.62cm)
Lift Width: – 24.87″ (63.19cm)
Lift Length – 56.6″ (143. 83cm)  

Aquatic Lift Features

Rechargeable battery and wall mount charger

Adjustable seat pole 

360 degree movement

Flip up armrest  

Quiet lift mechanism

Powder coated stainless steel


Cycling Attachment

Lift Cover 

Chest Strap

Solar Charger

Headrest Option

Color Options

Transport Cart

Aquatic Lift Q&As

Which pool lift is right for me?
It depends on your needs and the type of pool you have. If you have an above ground pool, then a heavy duty or rotational lift is right for you, but an in ground pool can use all 3 types of pool lifts.
Can I customize a pool lift?
You are able to apply modifications to your pool lift such as a chest strap, solar charging, and even a cycling attachment to turn your lift into an exercise bike.
How long would it take someone to install a pool lift?
Pool lift installations should take no longer than a day to complete for your home. Some obstacles could come up that can delay the installation process such as uneven ground.
Will I need construction work done prior to installation?
No, since pool lifts can be installed onto the side of the pool with little intrusive work done on your property.
Is there warranty for this device?
Pool lifts come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty with some lasting for 5 years after purchase. Keep in mind you can also ask your supplier if they offer their own protection plans which can vary in price and coverage.
Are there portable versions?
Some pool lifts do have a portable model allowing you to position your lift without the need for installation. These models can also be customized similar to standard ones.

Other Aquatic Lifts Models 

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