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EZ-Access SingleFold AS Ramp

EZ Access’s SingleFold AS ramps offer a versatile solution to travel needs. This ramp can be split into 2 units for easier carry and storage while still retaining its durability. These ramps are also available in other lengths ranging from 2-6′.

SingleFold AS Features
  • Ability to split into 2 units
  • Highly flexible and durable
  • Ergonomic grips for easy carry 
  • 100% Aluminum with non-slip surface design

Mobility Ramp Q&As

Which Ramp should I get?
The style depends on location, spacing, amount of people using said mobility device and how long the ramp will be in place. The best way to get a clear answer on which ramp to go with, is to have us do a free consultation of your home.
Is a Ramp a Safe Solution?
A ramp product is a highly safe solution so long as it has been installed by a trained professional and the wheelchair ramp slope is not too steep. Our blog on this matter will help inform you of what to look for when assessing your ramp.
How long will the ramp installation take to complete?
We can install a ramp within hours depending on the type of ramp being installed and how much ramp is being installed. For longer ramp lengths, the process may take the majority of the day to finish, but can be done on that same day.
What does it mean for a ramp to be ADA compliant?
ADA compliant refers to a handicap ramp being built under the American with Disabilities Act guidelines. The guidelines have strict requirements that must be met in order to have people with limited mobility enter establishments easily.
Do I need to have construction work done beforehand?
You don’t need to have construction work done for a ramp, however you do need to have the space for installation. Aluminum mesh ramps, wooden ramps, portable ramps etc.. can be assembled on site easily and quickly.
What’s the price range for a wheelchair ramp?
Prices can range from anywhere under $100 to over $1000. Wooden mobility ramps and portable ramps are a more cost effective option.
Will I slip on my Ramp if it rains?
Highly unlikely since outdoor ramps have a tread or mesh that allows for rain or snow to not affect your movement. Even with wooden ramps they have grips and non slip attachments.
How Much Weight can a Ramp hold?
Residential ramps usually hold a weight of 800lbs, however they can reach a weight capacity of 2000lbs. We can more into detail in our wheelchair ramp blog here.
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