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Bruno Enclosure Vertical Platform Lift

Bruno’s ADA compliant and lightweight Vertical Platform Lift is built without the need of a hoistway or shaftway. The unit is also fitted with a plexiglass door and panel inserts to ensure your safety while using the lift.

VPL Specs

Lift Capacity:
750lbs (340kg)

Lift Height:
Up to 14′ 

36″ x 54″ (914mm x 1372mm)

Platform Wall Height:
42″ (1067mm)

VPL Features

Quiet and safe ACME screw-driven DC motor

Top and bottom limit and lower final limit switches 

Available with DC power motor 

Emergency stop on the platform

Bottom Panel Safety Panel

2 years warranty on major parts, 1 year on general

Clear plexiglass components

Audio visual alarm system


ADA compliant telephone kit

Bronze Plexiglass 

Multiple platform sizes

Cold weather resistant package

Power assisting door/gate

Vertical Platform Lift Q&As

How Safe are Vertical Platform Lifts?
A VPL is an incredibly safe option for your home accommodating your wheelchair if needed, using obstruction sensors as a failsafe for potential debris blocking the VPL, and having the ability to work during a power outage. There is more info on this subject in our blog article.
How long can a VPL last?
A residential lift can last for at least a couple years and certainly longer the better maintained it is. The only thing that does need the occasional replacement are the batteries if your particular unit uses them.
How much does a Residential Elevator cost?
Vertical Platform Lifts usually have a starting price of $9000 and can go up depending on what additional features are added to the unit.
Are Vertical Platform Lifts only for Outside the Home?
VPLs or also known as porch lifts are usually for outside your home, most likely the front of the home. However, they can be installed inside your home as well if needed and feasible.
Do I need to have construction work done beforehand?
Unlike most mobility solutions, VPLs do generally need to have construction done prior to installation. This work can include concrete placement, adding an additional walkway or for indoor jobs possibly changing the structure of the room.
Can a Vertical Platform Lift be customized?
Residential Lifts can come with additioanl features not included in the unit such as differenty types of landing gates, multiple remote controls and even a phone kit.
Will my VPL work during a Power Outage?
It depends on how the lift is being powered. If it is receiving electricity from a power line connected to the home then no it will not work during an outage. A unit with batteries installed can work during an outage, just keep in mind that the batteries do need to be changed at a point in time.
Is there Warranty or Maintenance for a Residential Lift?
Our products come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and we also offer maintenance or repair plans. For more info visit our repair and maintenance page.
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