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Bruno Elan Stair Lift

Bruno’s most popular stair lift model, featuring options such as a compact design, armrest control w/ 2 wireless remotes and a seat swivel at top landing.

This stair lift has a narrow vertical rail allowing for plenty of space for your staircase.  

Stair Lift Specs

Vertical Rail Installation:
5″ from the wall to front of rail (127mm)

Seat Pad Size:
15.75″ wide x 16.75″ deep
(391mm x 416mm)

Footrest Size:
10.5″ long x 11″ wide
(267mm x 279mm)

Width between Arms:
20.25″ (514mm)

Seat, Arms, Footrest position:
12″ (305mm)

Stair Lift Features

Compact design with foldable arms, footrest and seat

90 degree Swivel Seat at top of staircase landing

Obstruction safety sensors

Can work during a power outage

Armrest Control

Vertical Rail


Folding Rail 

Power Swivel Seating 

Power Folding Footrest

Stair Lift Q&As

How much do Stair Lifts Cost?
A Standard Indoor Stair lift cost can be around $3000, while Outdoor stair lifts and Custom Curved stair lifts go up in price depending on location, amount of steps, modifications etc… Read more about the potential cost of a stairlift on our blog.
Is a Stair Lift right for Me?
Sometimes another mobility solution can be more beneficial than installing a stair lift. The best option is to allow us to give you a free consultation either over the phone or as an in-home evaluation.
How long does it take to Install a Stair Lift?
We can usually install a stair chair lift in a day after we have done an evaluation of your home. Keep in mind that the process could take the whole day, however you’ll be able to use the lift right away.
How much weight can a stair Lift withstand?
It usually depends on the model/brand of the stair lift however most chair lifts have a weight capacity of 300lbs.
Do I need to have construction work done beforehand?
Typically no you don’t need to have construction work done for a stair lift. Stair lifts are installed on the staircase rather than the wall and even if the lift must go on the wall, the damage to the wall is minimum.
Is there Warranty for my stair lift purchase?
Home stair lifts always have a manufacturer’s warranty for at least a year on the unit. We also offer maintenance/repair plans for any mobility product we sell.
Can I install a Stair lift Myself?
No that is not a great idea since DIY chair lift installation can lead to damage to the house and faulty stair lift function. Our mobility experts can safely and reliably install your stair lift.
Can I customize my stair lift?
All stair lifts come with some options to either have a power folding addition or swivels seats, but there are other stair lifts that have multiple color choices, seating, functionality etc…
What happens when a power outage occurs?
Stair chair lifts usually have the ability to function even when there is a power outage. They do this by having a battery that charges either from the lift rail or from an outlet in your home.
Is any Maintenance required for my stair lift?
Usually there is little to no maintenance needed for stair lifts. Most stair chair lifts are built to last years before anything is needed to maintain them.
Folding Rail
sl stair lift folded top lg
Allows for stair lift operation in narrow hallways, staircases and/or doorways. Comes in power or manual versions.
Power Swivel
Stair lift seating has the ability to turn at a 90 degree angle. Seat control can be on the armchair or sent by wireless commands.
Power Folding
Elite Straight Folded HL jpg

Stair lift footrest is folded when the seat is raised or lowered. Comes with the option to have armchair control.

Clean Up
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Allows for stairlift operation in narrow hallways, staircases and/or doorways. Comes in power or manual versions.

Other Stair Lift Models

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