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Best Wheelchair Ramps of 2021

With the end of the year around the corner we wanted to go over our assessments for the best wheelchair ramps of 2021. Wheelchair ramps are among the most versatile pieces of mobility equipment on the market, and choosing the right one for you can be intimidating and confusing. We review which type of handicap ramp from a particular manufacturer we recommend and why it is a good fit in particular situations. Keep in that these are our recommendations on handicap ramps we prefer, and that you should follow the suggestions of an evaluator. The list of wheelchair ramps we recommend are: 

EZ-Access Modular System

EZ-Access’ modular ramp systems are compromised of ramps, stairs and platforms allowing for more complex combinations and customizations when needed. While these systems are perfect for commercial buildings, they are still a great choice for homes that require more than just a ramp. Due to its high flexibility, the modular system can fit into homes where other ramps are not ideal. The list of options available for this system are: 

  • Stairs 
  • Landing pads
  • Gates
  • Angle platforms
  • Low profile platform
These ramp systems are constructed with aluminum and offer a slip resistant surface. Other features of this system include: 
  • Weight Capacities 850 – 1000lbs
  • 2 – 8 ft options of ramp length
  • 36, 48, 60 and 70 inch options of width 
  • 4 handrail options 

Prices for these ramps can go as low as $800. These prices do not include modifications to the ramp and additional options. Warranty plans and maintenance plans are not included as well and vary on the ramp dealer you purchased the unit from. EZ-Access does offer product registration on their website and details a warranty/maintenance plan based on your purchase. 

Ramp installation for these ramps usually take about an hour and can be used as soon as its installed. Keep in mind the complexity of the build can extend the amount of time needed to construct the unit, especially for this system. Thanks to its aluminum design, these ramps are resilient and typically do not require any maintenance. In addition to the strong and durable build, the modular system ramps have protection from rot and rust.  

National Ramp Victory Series

National Ramp’s Victory ramps are a customizable option for those who want a safe ramp that matches their home’s aesthetic. These wooden ramps are made from Southern Pine and are pressure treated with a protective coating or protect from rotting. Victory ramps are also ADA compliant, making it a highly safe option for your home. Parts of these ramps include:    

  • Landing pads 
  • Wooden decks
  • Guardrails
  • Handrails
These wooden ramps can be stained or painted to fit your home’s aesthetic. Other features for this ramp series are: 
  • Water drainage system
  • multiple lengths of ramp
  • Wooden decks 

Prices for these ramps start at $950 and the amount will increase depending on the amount of steps your home has. If you decide to rent this ramp, the price can be as low as $94.50 a month. These prices do not include modifications to the ramp, additional options, unusual terrain, and for renting only, installation cost. Warranty plans and maintenance plans are not included as well and vary on the ramp dealer you purchased the unit from. National Ramp offers a manufacturer warranty that is available on their website once you purchase their ramp.    

Ramp installation for these ramps usually take a couple of hours and can be used as soon as its installed. While additions to the ramp or unusual/uneven ground take up extra time, it will not extend the time by too much. While not made form a durable material such as aluminum, these wooden ramps are built with strength and safety in mind. The protective coating offers a resilience on par with aluminum made counterparts.   

EZ-Access Angled Entry

EZ-Access Angled Entry ramps are a perfect solution for those who need help getting into their home without needing a full scale residential ramp. Thanks to its portability, the angled entry can be used in any part of your home that requires a few steps of elevation. These threshold ramps are made of aluminum and have a slip resistant surface that provides safe usage. Due to its simplicity, the ramp does not have any additional options that can be attached onto the ramp. However the parts included in these handicap ramps are:    

  • Transition plates 
  • Adjustable legs 
EZ-Access’ threshold ramp features are limited compared to other ramps by the manufacturer however still offer:
  • Adjustable heights
  • Treaded non-slip surface
  • 700lbs weight capacity 
  • multiple ramp width options

Prices for these ramps can start as low as $78 and increase depending on which type of Angled Entry threshold ramp you purchase. Warranty/maintenance plans are not included and vary on the ramp dealer you purchased the unit from. EZ-Access does offer product registration on their website and details a warranty/maintenance plan based on your purchase information.     

These types of ramps don’t need to be installed, however if they do then the installation process is much faster than normal. Issues such as uneven or atypical ground don’t affect the ramp when compared to other EZ-Access models. Despite the lightweight nature of these ramps, Angled Entries can withstand 700lbs, are profoundly durable and safe.  

National Ramp Freedom Series

National Ramp’s Freedom series offers an incredibly portable ramp with surprisingly modest storage space usage. This wheelchair ramp is an excellent choice for those who need a ramp on the go for small steps or travel a fair amount of the time. Due to its superior ease of carry, this ramp can fit in your vehicle without taking up too much space. The ramps are made from aluminum, making them not only lightweight but reliable. These ramps are simple in nature and only come with the transition plates and a rubber handle and hinge for easy carry on.     

Freedom series folding ramps have multiple lengths of ramp for you to choose from. The ramp lengths are 2 – 6 feet in length and can extend to 30 inches wide.
While National Ramp does not display prices for these particular ramps, they do appear on other ramp dealer sites for $250. Warranty and maintenance plans depend on the dealer, however National Ramp does have their own manufacturer’s warranty, which you can sign up for through their website.         

Folding ramps require no installation and can be taken anywhere with you so long as you have the room to store it. 

If you are interested in any of the wheelchair ramp options above, we provide the units and services necessary to examine, install and repair for your mobility needs. Simply speak with one of our mobility experts at 1-800-392-9036 or click the button below.