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Different Wheelchair Ramp Styles


Similar to a home, a wheelchair ramp has unique properties that can make for the ideal mobility solution. Wheelchair ramps come in their own styles and series such as folding or wooden ramps that cater to the functionality and aesthetics of the home. For example, a threshold ramp may be a good fit for a wheelchair user that needs to gain access to a room that has a few steps or inside their garage. A folding ramp is a great choice for those who need a portable ramp to get to where they need to. Regardless of style, there is a ramp that can fulfill your mobility needs, all it takes is learning about each style. 


Modular Ramps

Modular ramps or modular ramp systems are ramps that can be constructed and installed according to the preferences of the user or needs for the home. These ramps usually have a system of slopes, platforms and sometimes stairs to accommodate the people that will be using them. Modular handicap ramps can come with a mesh design that allows water and snow to pass through the ramp or a treaded design that adds a layer of traction for a non-slip surface. These units can be installed in a couple hours to about a day, however once installed correctly is ready for immediate use.  

Modular ramps can be made from aluminum or steel depending on the vendor selling them. Steel ramps are powder coated, which gives them protection against chipping and scrapping unlike painted steel ramps. Keep in mind that due to the steady rise in price for steel, these ramps may be more expensive than their aluminum equivalent. Aluminum ramps offer a lightweight non slip surface ramp that comes in either a mesh or treaded design. 

Some examples of modular ramps are:

Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are often used as a ramp for a doorway, an entrance with a few steps, or any type of small elevation. These models are lightweight and easy to carry making installation and maintenance easier. The surfaces of these ramps typically come with a treaded surface to prevent slipping and tripping. They also have adjustable heights to find the perfect angle into your home. Despite its compact design, these wheelchair ramps can hold up to 1000lbs depending on the brand making it a secure and reliable way to access any room in your home. 

Depending on the manufacturer, these ramps can also come in fixed sizes, making the decision making process easier for you. Some threshold ramps come with a transition flap that crosses certain gaps or heights between the entrance and slope.

Some examples of threshold ramps are: 

Folding Ramps

Folding ramps have the flexibility and portability to offer you an on the go solution for your mobility needs. These ramps have incredible storage capabilities and can fold into a longer handicap ramp when needed. A treaded surface is usually featured on these units for slipping and tripping prevention. These wheelchair ramps also come in multiple lengths and even different folding options such as single fold or tri fold. 

Some folding ramps can be taken apart and used to add more length or to increase the width for wider wheelchairs/scooters.  

Examples of folding ramps are: 

Wooden Ramps

Wooden ramps are ramps made from strong quality wood conditioned to prevent rotting and damage from the elements. One of the benefits of having a wooden ramp is its cost effectiveness. While it is less costly compared to aluminum counterparts, it still makes for a quality and safe structure. These wheelchair ramps also have the option to be stained or painted to match your home’s aesthetic. 

When cleaning the ramp or clearing it of snow, make sure to use a soft broom and if needed, a plastic shovel. If the wooden ramp has been painted then metal shovels could easily chip the paint right off.  

An example of a wooden ramp is: 

Commercial Ramps

These wheelchair ramps are modular system ramps that are required to be ADA compliant for businesses, public spaces and commercial usage. Commercial ramps are usually built with top quality aluminum, treaded non-slip surfaces, vertical pickets, handrails and a slope of 1:20 adhering to ADA guidelines. These handicap ramps are quick to install for any building and can be repurposed/re-located at any time. 

Commercial ramps also have stamped drawings available for permit approvals or other official documentation. 

Examples of commercial ramps are:

With a wide variety of ramps to choose from there is always one that can best suit your needs. Understanding how you want to use the ramp, where it will be located, who will be using it and if its for a home or business makes choosing your ideal ramp much easier. Here at Patriot Mobility we sell all types of the ramps mentioned above except wooden ramp. If you are interested in a wheelchair ramp, we can provide a free consultation/evaluation of your home simply call us at 1(800) 302-9036 or click on the button below to speak with a specialist today: