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2021 Best Stair Lifts

As the year closes we want to highlight some of our choices for the best stair lifts in the industry in terms or pricing, customization and safety. Stair lifts enable you to have a secure staircase in your home and retain your freedom of mobility. However, stair chair lifts can sometimes be a sizeable purchase and choosing the right one is crucial for your home mobility. This list of stair lifts can help you narrow down your choice and find the perfect fit for your home. 

Bruno Stair Lifts

stair lift bruno elite curved indoor bottom of steps

Bruno’s stair lifts offers top of the line units with many customizable options to choose from for your chair lift. These units are an excellent choice for those who are willing to invest more into their lift elevator for a more withstanding and quality stair lift. The company is one of the most established manufacturers for stair lifts in North America and continues to ship out stair lifts to people in need. The units they carry and ship are: 

  • Elan Stair lifts
  • Elite Stair Lifts
  • Elite Curved Stair Lifts 
  • Elite Outdoor Stair Lifts
  • Elite Curved Outdoor Stair Lifts
Each of these stair chair lifts feature a compact design built with safety in mind. The standard feature for all of these models are: 
  • two 12 volt batteries
  • manual folding arms, seat and footrest
  • automatic power options for manual operations
  • safety sensors
  • remote controls on armchairs

Bruno’s pricing for these units start from:

  • $3000 to $5000 for their straight chair lift models. 
  • $10,500 starting for custom curved stair lifts

These prices do not include the addition of custom modifications. Installation costs are also not included in the pricing and Bruno stair lifts must be purchased through a dealer, not the manufacturer themselves. Financing options are also dependent on the dealer you choose as Bruno doesn’t offer financing options.  

Bruno focuses on the safety of their units, having built in obstruction sensors, batteries that allow lifts to work during power outages and parking charge options. The obstruction sensors detect any obstacles on the unit’s path and halts operation to prevent collision.  The arms, footrest and seat are all manually foldable. Bruno’s outdoor chair lifts feature a weather-resistant build and waterproof cover. The units also come with a standard manual swivel seat and can lock the seat while turned for a safer descent. 

The modifications that these chair lifts offer are: 

  • Power Swivel –  seating for an automatic turning function
  • Power Folding – for automatic footrest folding 
  • Folding Rail – for stair lift operation in narrow/small spaces
Installation jobs can be done usually in a day or 2, however custom curved stair lifts can take several days depending on build complexity. Bruno has a limited lifetime warranty for major parts such as the drivetrain, gearbox or rail system. For other types of parts the warranty is usually up to 1 year. Bruno offers extended warranty options for chair lift damage over time or battery replacements.  

Harmar Stair Lifts

Harmar’s collection of stair lifts offers a quality and safe unit that can fit in spaces under 20″ wide. The company is well known for offering units that can be a perfect fit in otherwise undesirable situations due to not having enough space. As a leader in the manufacturing sphere, Harmar chair lifts are a exceptional option for those who do not want too much personalization and care more for quality seating and safety. The models they stock are as follows:

  • SL-300 Stair Lifts
  • SL-600 Stair Lifts
  • SL-600 Heavy Duty Stair Lifts
  • SL350 AC Stair Lift
  • SL-350 OD Stair Lift
  • CSL-500 Stair Lift

Harmar’s chair designs allow for an ultra compact and slim build. Each unit has a standard set of features: 

  • oversized worm gear for extra stability
  • batteries for power outages
  • safety sensors
  • swivel seats for the top landing

Harmar’s pricing for these units start from:

  • $2000 to $14,000 depending on the model and customizations

These prices do not include the addition of custom modifications. Installation costs are also not included in the pricing and Harmar stair lifts must be purchased through a dealer, not the manufacturer themselves. Financing options are also dependent on the dealer you choose as Harmar doesn’t offer financing options.

Harmar’s safety features on their units include overspeed brakes, obstruction sensors, swivel seat cutoff switch and batteries for power outage coverage. The brakes and sensors prevent collisions that may occur if there is a blockage on the stairway or landings. Batteries also prevent the user being stranded in the event of a power outage or other issues with the home’s electricity. 

The modification options for Harmar units are: 

  • Retractable seatbelt 
  • Key locks – on the chair lift
  • Extra rails – for more stability 
  • Folding rail – for more space

Install Jobs for Harmar units can take about a day to complete while curved units can take a much longer due to the many variables needed to account for. The stair lift company also perform installations with their own group of certified technicians. These techs are screened and tested to make sure they are qualified to install a mobility product and must re-test every 5 years. 

Harmar warranties extend up to 3 years and cannot go past that, with the exception of the SL-600 unit that has a limited lifetime warranty. Products must be registered within 10 days of install to activate warranty.  

Handicare Stair Lifts


Handicare stair lifts provide an exceptional balance between affordability, accessibility and quality. Handicare’s customizable units provide more accessibility options for their users such as high-contrast visible controls, power swivel and power folding options, padded armrests and battery housing. These features make this stair lift a fantastic option for those who need their unit to accommodate their conditions. Handicare’s stock is comprised of: 
  • Xclusive Stair Lift
  • 950/950+ Stair Lifts
  • 1000 Stair Lifts
  • 1000 Outdoor Stair Lift
  • 1100 Stair Lift
  • 2000 Curved Stair Lift
  • 2000 Curved Outdoor Stair Lift
  • Freecurve Stair Lift

Handicare chair designs are compact and lightweight which can be modified to support certain conditions and situations. The features offered within Handicare’s collection are:

  • manual folding footrest
  • key lock for security
  • swivel seat at top landing
  • batteries in event of power outage
  • safety sensors

Handicare’s pricing for these units start from:

  • $2600 to $3100 for their straight chair lift models. 
  • $3100 starting for custom curved stair lifts up to $8600

These prices do not include the addition of custom modifications. Installation costs are also not included in the pricing and Handicare stair lifts must be purchased through a dealer, not the manufacturer themselves. Financing options are also dependent on the dealer you choose as Handicare doesn’t offer financing options.

Handicare ensures the user’s safety by using two 12 volt batteries making sure the chair lift works in a power outage, obstruction safety sensors and a key lock to prevent others from using the unit. In addition to these basic features there are also modifications that can be bought for your unit.

The modification options for Handicare stair chair lifts are: 

  • Power Folding – automatic folding footrest
  • Power Swivel – automatic swivel seating with remote control
  • Body Harness  
  • Retractable Seatbelts 

Handicare installations typically take about a day to complete, but will most likely require a couple of days to complete a custom curved job. While installation cost is included in listed prices, the price can increase depending on the obstacles the installers may face during installation. 

Most Handicare stair lifts do have a lifetime warranty on the gearbox and 2 years of warranty for other parts. This does not include the fact your stair lift provider may have their own policies regarding warranty.  

Acorn Stair Lifts

acorn outdoor stair lift

Acorn Stair Lifts is one of the largest stair lift companies in the industry and has the benefit of selling their units directly to the customer. Having started in the UK, they managed to move overseas and sell their chair lifts around the world. In addition to their B2C relationship they also employ their own installers and technicians for their units. Acorn also use their own rail system, FastTrack for their stair lifts to expedite the install process. Despite the high speed turnaround, Acorn makes sure to examine their stair lifts before and during the installation process to ensure your safety is guaranteed. Acorn’s listed stair lifts are as follows:

  • Acorn 130 Stair Lift
  • Acorn 130 Outdoor Stair Lifts
  • Acorn 180 Curved Stair Lifts

Acorn stair lift models are easily installed and fast due to its unique design and stair mounted approach rather than her wall mounted approach. The stair lifts also has features such as:

  • manual folding footrest
  • seating options 
  • remote controls for call/send 
  • 24V DC batteries in event of power outage
  • battery charging points along rails 

Acorn’s pricing differs greatly depending on the job, the obstacles faced during installation, the model you choose and type of stair lift. Straight stair lifts cost much less than custom curved ones and asking for a quote/evaluation is the best way to get pricing for Acorn lifts. The same can be said for their installation costs. A general price range for a straight stair lift is $2000 – $4000 and custom curved units usually start above $8000. Acorn does provide financing options if needed and will be accounted for during an evaluation of your home.  

Acorn stair lifts are designed ensures the user’s safety by using two 12 volt batteries making sure the chair lift works in a power outage, obstruction safety sensors and a key lock to prevent others from using the unit. In addition to these basic features there are also modifications that can be bought for your unit.

The modification options for Acorn stair chair lifts are: 

  • Perch/Sit-Stand Seat – allows users to stand on the footrest while in motion
  • Seatbelts
  • Speed Governing Device – limits how fast you can go on a unit

Before any installing takes place, an in-home evaluation is conducted for measurements, potential challenges in the home, and photographs. Acorn stair lift installations normally take a few hours for straight stair lift models due to the FastTrack system. The timeframes vary when an installation for a custom curved is involved. Next day delivery is an option to pick, however that is only available in certain locations and for straight chair lift models only. Otherwise a technician will arrive with the unit and install on-site. 

All Acorn stair lifts have a 1 year warranty and covers all damages to the device as long as it can be proven faulty parts, installation or the manufacturing were the root cause. Extensions on your warranty are also possible and pricing is reliant on the amount of time requested for a unit. You can return a stair lift within 14 days of installation and an Acorn technician can disassemble the unit at no cost.  

AmeriGlide Stair Lifts

AmeriGlide Stair Lifts currently have some of the lowest prices for stair lifts, making it one of the best choices for those on a budget who need a unit. They stock a wide variety of chair lifts and sell new, refurbished and pre-owned units. Similar to Acorn, AmeriGlide also sells and ships directly the customer. The biggest trait that sets it apart from other companies is that AmeriGlide can simply sell you the stair lift without the need to install as well. You can grab a stair lift from AmeriGlide and hire a professional to install it (a recommended option) or even install it yourself. The stair lifts stocked and sold are:

  • Horizon Plus Stair Lift
  • Horizon Plus Outdoor Stair Lift
  • Rubex AC Stair Lift
  • Outdoor Deluex Stair Lift
  • UP Stair Lift
  • Rave Curved Stair Lift
  • Platnium Curved Stair Lift

Whether it is outdoor or indoor, a complex staircase or straight stairway, AmeriGlide stair lifts can get the job done at a low cost. The features these stair lifts provide allow for a safe ride in the home: 

  • manual swivel seat
  • foot rest safety sensors 
  • lockable chair and remote controls
  • batteries that continue usage through power outage
  • strap seatbelt

AmeriGlide prices for their units are straight-forward and listed on their website. Stair lifts can go for under $2000 with no additional modifications to their build and do not have an installation cost attached to purchase cost. The price will increase depending on the amount of modifications requested on the unit. Not every model has additional options available for purchase. The company does provide a financing payment option that can have monthly payments be as low as $100. AmeriGlide does sell their units to vendors which may have their own installment plans, financing, warranties etc…

AmeriGlide stair lifts come with a seatbelt, manual swivel seat and non slip footrest, ensuring your ride is a safe and comfortable one. The units also have a safety feature where in the case of cable tension breaking/loosening the unit will use mechanical safeguards to disembark from the chair life easily. Batteries are installed on most units to combat against sudden power outages. The battery life can last from 6 to 20 minutes, giving the user enough time to complete their transition. 

The modification options for AmeriGlide stair chair lifts are: 

  • Unit Rails – more stability for the unit
  • seat pads – allows for a more comfortable ride
  • Additional Lock System 

While AmeriGlide does provide installation services, it is not necessary to install and purchase a stair lift. Installations can be done by a professional service or yourself if you have the ability to. If you choose to use AmeriGlide’s installation services, you can reduce the price of installation by providing measurements of your home and stairways. Prices will increase depending on the amount of work needed to be done to the home. AmeriGlide’s install services are available in each state except Oregon. 

Warranties under AmeriGlide vary depending on the model, however all will not exceed a 10 year limit. The drivetrain is usually covered for 2-5 years while the actual chair of the lift is covered for 1 year. Indoor stair lifts are typically covered for 5 years, however heavy duty or outdoor lift warranties last for 1-2 years. Used stair lifts don’t have as many options as refurbished/new ones. 

If you are interested in any of the stair lift options above, we provide the units and services necessary to examine, install and repair for your mobility needs. Simply speak with one of our mobility experts at 1-800-392-9036 or click the button below.