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Which Power Wheelchair Should You Get

Thanks to advancements in technology, the simple wheelchair can help you retain your mobility with the push of a button. Power wheelchairs offer you a much more flexible and reliable way for you to travel independently compared to a mechanical wheelchair. However, like most mobility products there are a wide variety of power wheelchairs each with their own benefits and designs. Below are some examples of the types of power wheelchairs available on the market. 

Power Wheelchair Types

Lightweight Power Wheelchairs

These power wheelchairs are designed to offer top of the line portability, storage capabilities and convenience. What makes these wheelchairs such a great option for travel is its compact and slim design accompanied by its durability. Most lightweight power wheelchairs have a weight capacity of 300lbs and an average 4mph rate. These models also have great foldability, giving them a much more competitive edge in terms of storage and handling.

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

Heavy duty versions of the power wheelchairs allow you to ride over rough terrain while maintaining a superior handling on the road. These wheelchairs can come with front wheel drive giving it even better handling indoor or outdoor. In addition to the handling, these wheelchairs come with extra durability for an increased weight capacity and larger foot plating.

Elevation Power Wheelchairs

When you need the extra height to reach certain items or get a better view, the elevation wheelchair models are a viable option. Elevation heights can range  from 4 in to 12 in depending on the specific model. These units have an average weight capacity of 300 lbs and an average of 4mph. The build is a compact and slim design similar to what you would find on a lightweight frame.

Bariatric Power Wheelchairs

These wheelchair models are multi-functional units that can provide an optimal solution for a wide variety of mobility needs and goals. Bariatric power wheelchairs offer superb handling and traction on the road. The design is built as a heavy duty wheelchair capable of having a high weight capacity. The motors on the unit are modified for better performance and the reinforced frame establishing a tougher build. 

Which One is Right for You? 

When deciding which wheelchair to get its best to first understand your mobility needs. For example if you need to be able to reach high cupboards in your home you may want to invest in an elevating wheelchair. If you like to or need to travel most of the time, then a folding wheelchair or a heavy duty wheelchair are your best choices. If the terrain you are on is rough or you go over multiple terrains, then the heavy duty is the optimal solution. 

Next would be to make a budget for yourself and know how much you are willing to spend on the wheelchair. These units can go for 1000s of dollars and depending on the modifications needed or specific builds/designs they can go for even more. 

Finally finding a dealer that provides the right wheelchair unit. While there are many brands to choose from such as Golden or Pride, ultimately it is best to see if the wheelchair they stock is one they fulfills your needs at a reasonable price. 

If you have any questions about what brand is best for you or where to buy your power wheelchair please give us a call at 1-800-392-9036 or click the button below. We also offer repairs/maintenance for power wheelchairs and scooters.