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The process is similar to buying any vehicle, however there are more options for you depending on who you are. For example veterans have the option to get VA grants depending on the nature of their disability. Brandl Mobility offers personal and commercial loans for personal/business use. Finding the right wheelchair van, appropriate funding and a trustworthy dealer are the most important elements when buying a van. 

Finding Your Perfect Accessible Van

Photo of several vans in a warehouse

There are a wide variety of accessible vans to choose from, but which one is the right fit for you? Always keep this question in mind when window-shopping for a van. Knowing what features accessible vans offer can help narrow down your choice. For example if you need a self-reliant way to get into your vehicle, an accessible van with a power in-floor ramp is a great option. If you want a van that is more cost effective then a manual ramp is a reliable pick. There are 4 types of ramps: 

Power In-Floor: Automatic Ramp that comes out from underneath the floor.

Power Fold-Out: Automatic Ramp that folds out from inside the van 

Manual In-Floor: Manual Ramp that is pulled from underneath the floor using a lever.  

Manual Fold-Out: Manual Ramp that folds out from inside the van with a lever. 

Accessible vans also offer a Rear Entry or Side Entry option. Some vans have options other vans don’t have like a rear entry van having a manual fold-out. Some Accessible Vans also have Power-Kneeling to lower the vehicle making it easier for you to enter.

Having a plethora of options available for you can make getting a van that fits your exact needs much easier.  

Acquiring Van Funding

If you’re a Veteran, then there are 2 grants you can potentially earn by applying to the VA: the 1394 and the 4502. We have a blog where we discuss the differences between the 2 in more detail, however these grants basically offer up to a potential $51,700 towards the purchase of a van. There are qualifications such as the severity of the disability and whether it is service connected or not. For more info on this topic please click the link here.

For non-veterans there are other financing options available for you. Brandl Mobility offers up to a  10-year financing plan that you can apply for on their website. Simply fill out the form, wait for your approval letter and go to a van dealership to purchase your van. You can fill out a form online here or download the form using the same link and mail it to Brandl.

The Dealer that is Right for You

Just like buying any other vehicle, the right dealer can make a difference for you. Accessible van dealers can not only sell you a van, but also convert an existing one for you. Companies like VMI and Braunability convert their vehicles into accessible vans through a specialized process conducted by experts. Dealers can also vary in stock, carrying vans that are the same brand like a Toyota sienna, yet have different features such as a manual rear entry one or a power side entry. Here at Patriot Mobility, we offer wheelchair accessible vans with power or manual ramps. Working with VMI and the VA, we make sure that you get the best deal possible for the van that best fits your needs. If you are interested in an accessible van, have questions about financing or want to know what’s currently in stock please feel free to give us a call at 1 (800) 392-9036 or visit our website by clicking below: