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The short answer is Yes Absolutely! The long answer is the rest of this blog. 

Choosing a stairlift for yourself or a loved one is a major investment and the first step towards regaining your freedom of mobility. Stairlifts are amongst one of the more cost-effective mobility products to own and offer a safe and reliable ride. The biggest questions when considering to buy a stairlift are how much does it cost and what benefits can it offer.

We want to educate you on why stairlifts cost the amount they cost, how their prices can vary, what do you get out of owning one and why it is so crucial for your independence at home. We will go over 4 major areas for stairlifts: 

How much does it cost?

Well that question depends on some key factors; what type of stairlift do you need, what customizations do you want on it and is it going to be outside or inside your home? 

The standard type of stairlift is a Straight Stairlift that is fitted inside your home on a straight staircase. These tend to cost between $3000-$5000 and are the most popular choice among stairlift owners. However, Custom Curved Stairlifts are much more expensive due to having to accommodate a staircase that has twists and turns. These stairlifts’ prices start at around $9000 and can go even higher depending on the amount of steps the staircase has. For your outdoor mobility needs, Outdoor Stairlift prices tend to cost $1000-$1500 more than an indoor standard stairlift. If you are curious about other stairlift types visit two our of top stairlift manufacturers’ Bruno & Harmar.

The best way to understand how much a stairlift would cost for your home is to have a technician do an in-home evaluation. They will give you the optimal solution for your mobility needs. Here at Patriot Mobility we offer free consultations over the phone and in-home evaluations by one of our mobility experts. 

Why Own a Stairlift?

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In addition to being one of the more cost-effective mobility options, owning a stairlift offers a wide variety of benefits for you such as:

1. Ease of Use

Going up and down the stairs presents a daily and strenuous challenge to overcome. Stairlifts offer an easy and reliable way to move from floor to floor by providing you a smooth and quiet ride. With the push of a button you can get to any floor in your home.

2. Safety

The staircase in a home can be potentially dangerous if you have limited mobility. Stairlifts overcome the dangers of the steps by having obstruction detection sensors, adjustable seatbelts, and the ability to work even when there is a power outage.

3. Peace of Mind

Needing to use a facility that is on the 2nd floor, having to answer the door when you’re upstairs or wanting to go to bed are tasks that are stress inducing and tiresome. Because a stairlift is easy to use and safe, you free the mental burden of taking the time, energy and risk of moving between floors by yourself. Daily tasks no longer seem physically and mentally draining, giving you a sense of hope and independence.

Owning a stairlift gives you the independence you deserve to move around your home. You don’t need to worry or plan ahead for your basic daily tasks of the day.

What about the Installation?  

Before buying a stairlift, a technician will do a free evaluation of your home. This evaluation includes measuring the staircase, reviewing any obstacles to the installation such as tight spaces, and  recommending the best fit for you. Once the evaluation is complete and you want to purchase a Stairlift, a technician will come to the home and install the stairlift either inside or outside your home. The installation is included in the price of the stairlift purchase. The installation process takes about a day to complete, but once it is done you can use it right away. 

Is there any kind of Warranty for Stairlifts?

Patriot Mobility does offer a 1 year guarantee warranty for all of our installations. As long as we sell the stairlift, we can provide maintenance for it, even if we weren’t the ones who installed it. Stairlifts also come with their own manufacturer warranty. Our maintenance techs are highly trained experts in their field and will offer you only the best quality service. For more info on our maintenance policies visit our maintenance page.