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Patriot Mobility Inc. - Wheelchair Ramp FAQs

Patriot Mobility has over 20 years in the mobility accessibility industry, and we have been asked every question regarding wheelchairs and accessibility there is. We have listed our top 10 questions about wheelchair ramps that we get asked most often.


What type of wheelchair ramp is best?Does the type of wheelchair affect the width of the ramp I need?
How much does a wheelchair ramp cost?How much weight can my ramp support?
 What is the best type of ramp for my house and/or wheelchair?Will my ramp be portable?
Will I slide down my ramp when it gets wet?Will my insurance and/or VA loan cover my wheelchair ramp?
What size ramp will I need?Do I have to buy a new ramp or can I rent a used one?

Q: What type of wheelchair ramp is best?

A: While there are a variety of ramp materials and styles, there is no “best” qualification for ramps. At Patriot Mobility, we ensure the brands we provide are the highest quality available on the market and our expert technicians install them with precision and care. We have found that aluminum wheelchair ramps are more popular than others given their lower price point and speed of installation. In addition, aluminum ramps work very well on concrete and wood structures give their lightweight composition and minimal maintenance. Back to top.


Q: How much does a wheelchair ramp cost?

A: This is our most common question, but the hardest to answer. Wheelchair ramps can range from $50 for a threshold ramp to a couple of thousand dollars for modular ramps depending on material and size. Your mobility specialist and evaluating technician will be able to provide an exact quote for the best wheelchair ramp for your home and accessibility goals. Back to top.


Q: What is the best type of ramp for my house and/or wheelchair?

A: This question has no simple answer as every wheelchair ramp style is beneficial for specific purposes. Aluminum ramps are an affordable, easily installed and maintenance-free solution for your ramp needs. Steel ramps are powder coated and economical option with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. They are still quite affordable and the black powder-coated finish offers a clean complemented look to almost any exterior. Their surfaces, like aluminum, are mesh and textured to allow for snow and water to pass through while providing a sturdy grip to pass on. Threshold ramps are ideal for temporary and permanent applications and permit wheelchairs to pass through thresholds like doorways and entryways. Folding and portable ramps are for wheelchair users on the go to navigate around curbs and ledges no up to 5 inches. These portable ramps can be folded to less than 3 inches thick for easy storage and provide a safe, textured, anti-slip grip for those with temporary accessibility needs. Back to top.


Q: Will I slide down my ramp when it gets wet?

A: This question gets asked every time we install an exterior wheelchair ramp is, “will I slide down the ramp when it rains?”. The short answer is no, especially with aluminum ramps which have tread on them or are a mesh that allows water and snow to pass right through them. The ramps offered by Patriot Mobility are safe, up to code and ADA compliant. This indicates that they are the safest ramps on the market. Other ramp materials without tread, often DIY wooden ramps not built or installed by a professional can become slippery when wet if non-slip grips, treads or semi-permeable surfaces haven’t been applied to the ramp. Back to top.


Q: What size ramp will I need?

A: The size ramp you require will depend on the height and angle of your steps (rise). The rise determines how much ramp you need to ensure a safe slope. The general rule of thumb for ramp rise (slope) is a ratio of 1:12 of rising over length. Our mobility specialists will be able to measure your steps and determine the rise and necessary size of a ramp you will need. Contact our team today to get your home measured for an evaluation and quote. Back to top.


Q: Does the type of wheelchair I have, affect the width of the ramp I need?

A: Short answer, yes. The width and style of the wheelchair you use will affect the necessary width of the ramp you need. According to ADA compliance laws, ramps must be a minimum of 36 inches wide and should be at least 60 inches long. When determining your ramp style and size, make sure to provide measurements of your wheelchair to our mobility specialists as well. Back to top.

Q: How much weight can my ramp support?

A: Every material and style ramp is built to different weight capacities ranging from 300-850 pounds. When speaking with your mobility specialist, please voice your weight capacity concerns as the weight of your wheelchair and the wheelchair user must be considered in tandem to calculate the necessary weight capacity. Back to top.


Q: Will my ramp be portable?

A: The type of ramp you decide to purchase will directly affect the portability. Should you only need a ramp occasionally, a portable ramp is an ideal solution. Portable ramps are also ideal for those who travel and are unaware of the accessibility accommodations of other places. Portable ramps range from 2 feet to 12 feet which varies their weight as well. Speak with your mobility specialist regarding your goals for a portable ramp if this is the direction you choose to take. Back to top.


Q: Will my insurance and/or VA loan cover my wheelchair ramp?

A: Unfortunately, health insurance including Medicare will not pay for a wheelchair ramp for your home. While a wheelchair ramp may be a necessary piece of medical equipment, it is not considered an item that will directly treat a medical condition and thus will not be covered.

There are two programs with the VA that cover home accessibility including ramps and other home improvements such as stairlifts. If you are eligible they will cover most, if not all of your wheelchair ramp costs associated with having a ramp at your primary residence. Back to top.


Q: Do I have to buy a new ramp or can I rent a used one?

A: While Patriot Mobility does offer temporary ramp rentals, you will want to speak with your Mobility Specialist regarding the best option for your home and accessibility needs, as well as budget.

Our team is here to answer all questions you may have regarding your wheelchair ramp needs, specifications and installations. Taking the journey to independence starts with contacting Patriot Mobility and requesting a free evaluation. We can provide you with all the resources, financing options and information you need to make the best decision for your accessibility needs. Back to top.

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