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Top VA Programs for Vans

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Navigating the VA programs while trying to find accessible vans to fit your needs can be an overwhelming task.

Patriot Mobility is here to make the process easier and more convenient. Let us help you access several VA programs and the benefits. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Service-Connected Programs

Are you a veteran who incurred an injury or illness while in service? If yes, you may be eligible for different service-connected programs, which consist of the Automobile Adaptive Equipment Program and the Auto Allowance Grant. To receive funds from each of the programs, a person must be in the Veterans Health Administration system. Patients who receive care through a VA medical facility are already included in the database. Auto Allowance Grant This grant awards approximately $21,058.69 to eligible veterans for the purchase of accessible vehicles. Approved by the VA, this grant can be awarded once in a lifetime. Upon purchase of a vehicle, the amount is paid directly to the dealer.

How to be eligible?

  • A veteran must have aggravated a disease or injury during the years of military service.
  • A service person must have acquired disease as a result of vocational rehabilitation or medical treatment.
  • A veteran who compensated work therapy from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Automobile Adaptive Equipment Program This program provides both training and equipment for qualified veterans to enter, exit, or operate a wheelchair vehicle with a high level of safety. It includes special equipment for the modification of the vehicle’s interior space and wheelchair access. Unlike the Auto Allowance Grant, this program may be paid more than once. It may also be paid to the veteran or the seller. The VHA will reimburse a veteran for equipment two times within 4 years.

Non-Service Connected Programs

Who are classified as non-service connected veterans? What are the benefits of Non-Service Connected Programs? Are you a veteran who doesn’t have a service-related condition determined by the VHA? Then, you’re a non-service connected veteran. Top Benefits Funding for a safe and comfortable means of transportation – Although you have served in the military for 90 days, you can receive enough amount of funds for your needs. Veterans who served 20 years ago or didn’t suffer from an injury during military service are eligible There are the Van Modification Ingress and the Federal Supply Schedule Program that offer assistance to non-service-connected veterans Requirements to Receive the Funds Before you qualify for the funds, you must be in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) system. If you’ve received care through a VA medical facility, you’re included in the database. For those who are not in the system, it’s time to apply for health care via the VA.

Van Modification Ingress/Egress

Van Modification Ingress is a program that provides funds to veterans for vehicular access equipment, promoting safe entry and comfortable exit. Veterans with quadriplegia, MS, paraplegia, loss of lower extremities, and other conditions may qualify to enjoy non-operational materials to provide egress and ingress to a wheelchair van. Common non-operational equipment includes tie-downs, raised doors, passenger transfer seats, raised roofs, and lifts. Contact Patriot Mobility for more information! We’re HAPPY to serve our clients!
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