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Fall Prevention Tips

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Fall Prevention tips

Falls are the number one cause of fatal or non-fatal injuries among older people in the United States alone. Studies indicate that one out of three people aged 65 and above will have a severe fall. Although the fall doesn’t lead to death, hip fractures, head traumas, and other related injuries can have a debilitating effect on an individual’s quality of life. Older adults, for example, are likely to break bones in falls due to arthritis and osteoporosis. Seniors have a higher risk of complications from primary operations and other surgeries.

Why Do Seniors Have a High Risk of Falling?

There are different reasons why older adults are prone to falling. These include poor eyesight, assistive devices, medications, fatigue, lack of physical activity, diseases, surgeries, and other environmental hazards. The lack of exercise, for instance, results in decreased bone mass, reduced flexibility, loss of balance, and poor muscle tone. The surgeries, on the other hand, can leave an elderly individual in discomfort. They get less mobile than they were before an operation.

What to Do?

Falls can cause permanent disability or death. Before something happens, here are a few fall prevention tips you should keep in mind:

Install handrails and grab bars

Grab bars and handrails are stylish and can blend into your interior design. They are also the number one solution to prevent falls among seniors. During the selection, choose the brand with tested durability, curb value, competitive rate, and ease of use.

Improve the Lighting Units at Home

Dim fluorescent lamp? Energy inefficient lighting units? Subtle variations in color? Then, it’s time to replace your lighting system with quality, safe, and energy-efficient bulbs. It helps the elderly find their medications, prevent a falling incident, and make your interior well-ventilated.

Install Night Lights in Bathrooms and Halls

You’re done installing handrails in the bathrooms. What’s next? Don’t forget to set up night lights in the living space. They are long-lasting and comfortable to utilize, promoting safety, and avoiding hassles. If yes, place this stuff in areas where they can reach without assistance.

Wear Quality Shoes with Slip-Resistant Soles

The lack of slip-resistant soles in shoes can lead to falls. Get rid of your old pairs and change them with the right sets. Choose the right size, shape, design, and style for your comfort and satisfaction.

Secure any Loose Electrical Cord

Are there loose electrical cords? Don’t leave them unattended for hours. Secure them right away. Contact a skilled professional if you don’t have the expertise and necessary materials.

Keep Pieces of Furniture Away from Windows

It’s fun to place the chairs and other furniture near the window. The risk of falling, however, is higher than you’ve imagined. Find another corner to set them up. A professional interior designer may help.

Other Tips

Install window guards and utilize safety gates. Do not walk on washed floors. Avoid recalled products. You can also set up stairlifts and wheelchair ramps. How to get started? Patriot Mobility has got you covered! Contact us now!


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