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Choose the Product with the Most Competitive Rate

Buying a new and quality stairlift is an investment that restores people’s safety and freedom with mobility issues. But how much does a stairlift cost? It varies depending on the manufacturer, model, options, and needs. The price of a basic straight stairlift starts from $2,000 to $5,000. More innovative models cost around $5,000 or $7,000. The rate for curved stairlifts is available at $7,500. However, the price can reach $10,000 or higher depending on the features, styles, and complexity of the staircase.

Factors that Increase Stairlift Costs


Who doesn’t want a feature-packed stairlift? Of course, everyone wants the best experience for an injured or elderly relative. Features such as lift-up footrests, armrests, speed control, tilting seats, fold-up rails, and curved stairlifts can spike the price for the machine. Don’t worry! The performance is superb, making the What Kind of Staircase do You Have?


Sometimes, the basic stairlift is boring. So, level up the style and function with a curved or custom-made stairlift. But prepare your pocket because it is expensive. At Patriot Mobility, we offer different types of stairlifts according to our client’s staircase and unique requirements. Before installation, we provide professional consultation and inspection to get the job done on time. We do not take shortcuts.

Number of Steps

Another factor that can affect the cost of stairlifts is the number of steps your staircase has. If it consists of 14 steps and beyond, it requires a longer rail length. An added rail leads to additional expenses. If you have a short staircase, you can cut costs while enjoying an aesthetically pleasing, durable, and stylish stairlift.

Weight Requirements

Both basic and mid-priced stairlifts have a weight limit of 300 lbs. But are there options that have a greater weight capacity? Definitely! However, the price for a heavy-duty model starts at $4,000.

Obstructions at the Staircase

Another factor that affects the cost of stairlifts is the obstruction at the staircase because it requires the addition of a powered hinged rail and other accessories. Patriot Mobility, however, strives to provide quality choices at a competitive rate. We offer discounts and other deals. Contact us for more information.

The Duration and Cover of the Warranty

How long does the warranty of your chosen stairlift? Perhaps, it lasts for a decade or two. Did you know that the longer the warranty, the higher the price? It’s all right! You’re secure and protected, at least.

The Cost of Stairlift Installation

A DIY stairlift installation can be a dangerous job, especially when you don’t have the tools and prior background. The services of a professional are worth the effort. Available at $2,000, you can be sure of the quality and safe results. The installation process is fast and convenient. A trained professional from Patriot Mobility can get the job done within a minimum of four hours. Curved lifts, on the other hand, require additional time because they are difficult to install. But we will try our best to set up the device according to your schedule. Do you need the basic or custom-made stairlift? Patriot Mobility is the number 1 place for your lifting needs. CALL us for more information!


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