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Accessible Van: Simple and Effective Selection Tips

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 Accessible van

Simple and effective

Selection tips

Caretakers and wheelchair users have to deal with the hassles of chair loading and transfer when they use the average car. Over time, this can cause discomfort for people with physical disabilities.

But the long wait is finally over with accessible van as it can reduce fatigue, prevent paint, promote greater freedom, and boost independence.

For the past decades, accessible vans have grown tremendously, making the selection process tricky. How to choose the right vehicle? You have come to the right place!

Check the fit

Does Space Accommodate the Wheelchair and other Equipment?


Large wheelchairs require more space to maneuver.

There are other important measurements to bear in mind. These include the width of the ramp, wheelchair position, and entrance height. It’s also best to try the option with the wheelchair to determine whether it has the right size or not.

Caregiver Requirements

Does the wheelchair user require assistance nearby? If yes, you should check the available seating configurations to guarantee that the caregiver can get close enough to the passenger with unique needs.


Accessible vans may cause a dent in your savings account. Good news!
They come in different price ranges that can reach your budget needs. Most clients consider the cheapest options to enjoy bigger savings. But poor quality options don’t last over time and require an extra budget for a replacement. The secret here is to take advantage of the innovative and comfortable solution. Although it can cost an arm or a leg at first, it can help you save some cash and enjoy the right wheelchair van.


Another factor to consider is the warranty. Is your option available with years of warranty? Then, the wheelchair vehicle will be your best shot. If it doesn’t exceed your requirements, please feel free to request a refund.

Since you already knew some considerations when looking for an accessible van, what’s next?

At Patriot Mobility, we offer the most extensive collection of an accessible van in the industry.

We have comfortable, stylish, and safe vehicles for a variety of clients.

Send us your queries for more information!

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