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Patriot Mobility handicap ramps are a perfect addition to your home, giving you the freedom of mobility you deserve.

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Aluminum Ramps
Threshold Ramps
Folding Ramps
Aluminum Ramps:

These units offer sturdy foundations and weather-resistant materials making them ideal for outdoor access. Aluminum wheelchair ramps can also be configured in a variety of ways using steps, gates, inclines, and platforms. These handicap ramps also come with 2 types of surfaces: mesh and treaded. Both of these prevent snow and rain accumulation while also providing traction. If you want an outdoor ramp that will survive the elements and last a long time, the aluminum ramp is the pick.

Threshold Ramps:
Threshold ramps are portable ramps that are easy to carry and offer indoor and outdoor access. They are much smaller than traditional ramps yet are very durable, withstanding weights up to 800lbs. They are also much easier to install and don’t require a professional to implement into your home. The other benefit to these ramps is they can be adjusted for different heights for 1 step or several steps. For those that have slightly elevated entrances in your home, the threshold ramp is a great addition.
Folding Ramps:

Folding ramps are versatile and portable mobility devices with high storage capability. Some ramps can fold into themselves multiple times for even easier and lighter storage. You don’t need to install these ramps since they are meant to be used on the go. They are also lightweight in nature, making them less of a hassle to carry around with. You can adjust the heights and widths of the ramp to your liking, and some can detach themselves for greater flexibility.

Good preparation and the right mindset are key to a successful and standard job at Patriot Mobility. We offer free in-home consultations in order to determine which solution is the right one for you and your needs. Our team of expert technicians will photograph, draw, and measure any part of your home that is needed for the installation. We are proud of the accuracy and safety our products have to offer.

We Service Areas All Over Tampa

Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

Throughout the Tampa area we provide installation, repair, and maintenance services for our wheelchair ramps. In addition to Florida, we also have over 10 other locations across the US where we bring freedom of mobility to the local communities and businesses.
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Mobility Ramp Q&As

What is a good handicap ramp?
It really depends on what you and your home’s accessibility need. However, safe wheelchair ramps are ones that have non-slip surfaces and a low slope to prevent accidental falls.
How safe are these mobility devices?
Mobility ramps, especially ADA ramps, are one of the safest pieces of accessibility equipment. When built properly, they can last a long time without the need of repair and slips/falls are a very rare occurrence.
Does it take a long time to put a wheelchair ramp together?
When assembled by a professional, ramps can take a couple of hours to a whole day to build depending on the length. However once installed it is ready for immediate usage.
What is ADA compliance and how does it affect me?
ADA compliance is when a mobility device follows ADA guidelines set up by the government. This is only required for commercial ramps; however it is highly recommended for residential ramps to follow as well.
Is third party construction necessary for installation?
Normally you won’t ever need construction work done for your new product. Ramps are installed into the ground and are safely secured by mobility technicians.
Is it expensive to buy and install an accessible ramp?
The typical cost for a residential ramp can range from $1000 – $1500 for a long term mobility solution. This price usually includes the installation fee as well.
How strong are ramps?
Some ramps are able to withstand 2000lbs and most are built for the outdoors with weather-resistant material. Many of them are equipped to deal with snow and rain pileup and are durable enough to last for several years.
Will I ever need a repair?
While you will need a maintenance or repair job done for your wheelchair ramp, that will be needed much later in your product’s life cycle. When installed properly you won’t need maintenance for a couple of years.

About Patriot Mobility

Patriot Mobility is a wheelchair ramp company dedicated to bringing others the freedom of mobility. Established in West Babylon, NY, we have over 10 locations where we supply wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, and more. In addition to our vast line of products, we also provide installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our team of mobility specialists strive to find the right solution for your home. Thanks to our free evaluation process we ensure your product is safely secured and enables your independence. 

If you want to regain your freedom of mobility, speak to one of our mobility solutions specialists today for a free quote or consultation. 

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