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Our line of wheelchair ramps offer inside and outside access into your home without breaking the bank. Get the freedom you deserve with a ramp.

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Aluminum Ramps
Threshold Ramps
Folding Ramps
Aluminum Ramps:

Aluminum ramps are a lightweight, yet durable solution for any part of your home. These mobility devices make for a great outdoor solution due to their material being weather resistant. In addition to their material, they can come in multiple combinations of inclines, platforms, and even stairs. 2 types of surfaces are available for aluminum ramps: mesh and treaded. Both of these styles help prevent slippery surfaces and accidental falls.

Threshold Ramps:

These handicap ramps are a perfect solution for houses with small steps that an ordinary wheelchair ramp wouldn’t be ideal for. Threshold ramps have adjustable legs and heights to adapt to most home entrances. Unlike more traditional ramps, these ones don’t require installation and can be purchased and bolted into the ground yourself. Despite being a small ramp, they can hold up to 800lbs while still being an easy carry.

Folding Ramps:

Folding ramps can provide you the best on the go accessibility if you are someone who travels quite often. The folding capabilities of these ramps mean that they are very easy to store in a vehicle and carry with you. These ramps also don’t require any installation and can be used as soon as you purchase them. Folding ramps have adjustable widths and lengths depending on the brand you buy. Some can even fold three times and detach from themselves. 

Good preparation and the right mindset are key to a successful and standard job at Patriot Mobility. We offer free in-home consultations in order to determine which solution is the right one for you and your needs. Our team of expert technicians will photograph, draw, and measure any part of your home that is needed for the installation. We are proud of the accuracy and safety our products have to offer.

We Service Areas All Over Long Island

Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

Our services and products are available all over the Long Island area. In addition to Long Island, we have over 10 other locations where we bring the freedom of mobility to the local communities and businesses.
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Mobility Ramp Q&As

How do I know if my ramp is good?
While it will depend on which type of product your purchased, you can check if the slope is at a low angle and if the ramp has any traction for a wheelchair. You can also see if the ramp is made from strong materials like aluminum or wood.
Are these devices safe for use?
Handicap ramps, especially ones that are ADA compliant, are highly safe mobility devices that can offer you a variety of elevations to suit you and your home’s needs. Hand bars, nonslip surfaces, and low slopes all contribute to its safety.
Does it take a long time to put one together?
If you are having your installation done by a professional then it can take a couple of hours to most of the day for a standard accessible ramp. However, if you yourself are the one installing then that depends on skillset and experience.
What does it mean for a handicap ramp to be ADA compliant?
An ADA compliant ramp is one that follows the guidelines set up by the US government. The rules determine what angle the slope of a ramp should be, the amount of railings on the side, the surface type, and more.
Do I need to have construction work done for one?
Under normal circumstances you will not need any construction work done for your product. The benefit of handicap ramps is that they can be installed quickly and easily by a professional.
How much is a wheelchair going to cost me?
Price ranges for standard ramps are somewhere between $1000 – $3000 including installation fees. Thresholds and folding ramp prices can be $100+.
Are these products long lasting?
Wheelchair ramps can last for years without the need of maintenance during that time. Standard models can also withstand up to 2000lbs with portable style ramps handling 800lbs and up.
Will my ramp need repairs?
Eventually you may need repairs or maintenance if your product is old. However a brand new product will likely not need a maintenance or repair until at least a couple of years.

About Patriot Mobility

Founded back in 2010, Patriot Mobility is an accessibility solutions company striving to give others the freedom of mobility. Established in West Babylon, NY we have over 10 service areas all across the US. We supply wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, and more to the locals in the area. We also offer installation, repair, and maintenance services with a free quote/consultation. Our talented team of mobility specialists will find the ideal fit for you and your home thanks to our evaluation process.

If you want to begin your journey to independence, speak with one of our experts and get your free quote.

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