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Our Charlotte wheelchair ramps can easily improve the accessibility of your home, making it safer for you and our loved ones.

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Aluminum Ramps
Threshold Ramps
Folding Ramps
Aluminum Ramps:

These mobility ramps are lightweight, yet extremely durable units that can be customized for your home’s needs. Thanks to the material they are built with, aluminum ramps can withstand snow and rain conditions, lessening the amount of maintenance these products need. They also come with a mesh or treaded surface designed to prevent slipping, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Threshold Ramps:

Threshold ramps are ideal for homes that have entrances or exits with a few steps or little elevation. Despite its stature, these ramps can hold up to 800lbs while also being lightweight and easy to carry. The adjustable legs and varying ramp sizes allow for flexible solutions to your home and multi-use if needed. The treaded non-slip surface also makes the incline safe when it is raining or snowing.

Folding Ramps:

If you are on the road, then a portable wheelchair ramp that folds is the best solution for your mobility needs. Folding ramps offer superior storage capabilities and can make for an easy fit in your vehicle. Some ramps can also act as additional length at the cost of width by splitting up and attaching to one end of the strip. You can even fold it 3 times, granting you even more storage and an easier carry-on. 

When it comes to safety, we are the best in providing services and products that give you peace of mind. Patriot Mobility’s highly trained technicians will evaluate, measure, and photograph all parts of your home needed for the wheelchair ramp at no cost. We don’t just want to sell you a product but enable you to live an independent life. If you are looking into a new ramp, contact us today. 

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Our products and services are available all across the Charlotte region as well as our other 10 locations. We work with the local communities, people, and businesses to inspire healthy and happy lives.
If you are looking into increasing your home’s accessibility, speak with one of our mobility specialists today.

Mobility Ramp Q&As

What is a good ramp for me?
Style, type, and brand usually depend on the needs of your home and how compatible they are. Speak with your vendor if they offer consultation service before going straight to the installation process.
Are these units safe to use?
Yes they are, especially ADA compliant ones. As long as the slope is at a low incline and the ramp features handrails then it is okay for anyone to use.
How long does a wheelchair ramp assembly take?
Ramp assembly and installation can take as long as a couple of hours. Once the unit is built and secured into the home, it is ready for immediate use.
Why is it important for my product to be ADA compliant?
If your unit is commercial grade it is required by ADA laws, however residential do not need to comply. However, ADA ramps are the safest type of ramp since they follow strict guidelines and safety requirements.
Is construction necessary for the building of one?
Generally, prior construction work is not a requirement for a handicap ramp. It may be necessary if there are potential issues or obstacles in the home preventing installation.
Will I be breaking the bank by investing in a ramp?
Standard mobility ramps can range from $1000 to well over $3000 depending on length and features. While it may seem rather high, the benefits are much higher since these ramps need very little to no maintenance.
Do they have protection from the rain and snow?
Many wheelchair ramps are built with materials that have protection from the elements like rain and snow. They also have innate systems designed to prevent slippery inclines and snow accumulation.
Can mobility ramps withstand a heavy weight limit?
Standard units can hold anywhere from 800lbs to 2000lbs based on ramp sizes. Smaller ramps such as threshold and folding ramps can hold up to 800lbs.

About Patriot Mobility

Founded in 2010, Patriot Mobility is a mobility solutions company quickly becoming an industry leader in the accessible solutions field. We strive to bring you the gift of mobility and inspire a healthy and happy life for you and your community. Our line of wheelchair ramps, chair lifts, vertical platforms and more are how we build safety and security in your home. Evaluating, advising, and installing are how we determine what the best course of action is needed for your home’s accessibility. No matter the job, we promise to give you the ideal mobility solution.

If you are considering buying a wheelchair ramp, contact our Charlotte offices or fill out the form. 

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