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Our line of wheelchair ramps are available throughout the Baltimore area. Whether its aluminum, metal, or commercial we have it.

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Aluminum Ramps
Threshold Ramps
Folding Ramps
Aluminum Ramps:

Aluminum wheelchair ramps offer a wide variety of combinations for an incline that is safe for you to use. These mobility products offer 2 types of surfaces: mesh and treaded surface. Both of these designs prevent rain and snow from affecting your safety and make it harder to accumulate. The material used to build these products also have inherent weather-resistant properties, making them perfect as an outdoor solution for your home.

Threshold Ramps:

These portable wheelchair ramps are mainly used for residential entrances, exits, and small steps. They are drilled and nailed into the ground and can be set up in a very short amount of time. Despite being much smaller than standard ramps, these ones can hold weights of up to 800lbs. It is also possible to move the product if needed to another location in your home. Threshold ramps come in multiple sizes and lengths so make sure to measure your home beforehand when buying one. 

Folding Ramps:

A folding ramp is a perfect solution for on the go mobility needs. These products have the advantage of high storage capabilities and handling due to its folding design. In addition to folding, some ramps can split into 2 more to provide a longer ramp when needed. They can come in varying sizes and heights for a mobility solution that is right for you. 

Safety is our biggest concern whenever we are doing an installation, repair, or maintenance jobs. Our team of expert technicians conduct free in-home consultations drawing, measuring, and photographing parts of your home needed for the job. Because of this, our products are among the safest to use in the industry while being cost effective. We understand you don’t just want a product, but an answer to your mobility problems. 

We Service Areas All Over Baltimore

Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

We provide services and products for the local communities and VA centers in Baltimore. In addition to Maryland, we also have over 10 service areas throughout the United States. We carry stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, vertical platform lifts, and more.
If you are looking into increasing your home’s accessibility, speak with one of our mobility specialists today.

Mobility Ramp Q&As

Which ramp is right for my home?
The type and style of ramp depends on what you and your home’s needs. Check with a professional installer and have them evaluate your home to make a proper decision on which ramp to buy.
Are handicap ramps safe for use?
These pieces of equipment, especially ADA ramps are very safe for residential and commercial use. They feature non-slip surfaces, handrails, and low angle inclines.
How long does it usually take to put together one?
It usually it takes a couple of hours for a standard residential ramp to be installed. The time required can be extended depending on ramp length, residential obstacles, and any additional features.
What does it mean for a ramp to be ADA compliant?
ADA ramps are mobility products that adhere to the US government’s ADA guidelines for safety. Commercial grade ramps must follow these laws, however residential ramps don’t have to follow them.
Will I need to have construction work done prior to installation?
Under normal circumstances you won’t need any kind of construction work done. Handicap ramps are assembled onsite and are safely secured in ground.
Are wheelchair ramps an expensive investment?
Standard residential ramps can cost about $1000 and can go well over that amount if there is more ramp needed. These make for a cost-effective accessibility solution since they can last for years.
Is my ramp weatherproof?
Most mobility ramps are built to have some type of innate waterproofing or anti snow accumulation. In addition to that, must ramps also have surfaces that are slip-resistant.
Will it hold high weight capacities?
Portable and threshold ramps are able to hold weight limits of up to 800lbs. Aluminum and Metal ramps can withstand weights well over 2000lbs.

About Patriot Mobility

We are a mobility products business with a staff dedicated to giving you the freedom of mobility. With over 10 locations in different states across the US, we work with local people and businesses, offering accessibility products and services. We supply wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, vertical platform lifts and include installations, repairs, and maintenance as part of our operations. Your safety is our number 1 priority, and we ensure your product is the safest it can be by evaluating your home and needs. No matter the task, we are confident we can resolve any mobility issue you have. 

If you are looking to increase the accessibility of your home with a wheelchair ramp, speak with one of our mobility specialists today. 

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