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Our line of handicap ramps are a perfect addition to your home whether it is for indoor or outdoor access. Speak with a mobility specialist today for more info.

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Aluminum Ramps
Threshold Ramps
Folding Ramps
Aluminum Ramps:

Aluminum wheelchair ramps are lightweight and reliable pieces of mobility equipment designed to be configured in multiple arrangements. The ramp material is also weather-resistant making these units the optimal choice for the outdoors. 2 types of surfaces accompany aluminum ramps: treaded and mesh surfaces. Both allow for more traction during rain and snow events in their own way. If you need a strong outdoor ramp that can last a while, aluminum ramps are the way to go.

Threshold Ramps:
If you need a device that can help you cross a few steps or small elevation, then a threshold ramp is perfect for you. These units are designed to adapt to small heights with their adjustable legs. Because of its size, it is easy to carry without being too heavy. You also don’t need to install these units like a traditional ramp and can fit in most places inside your home. Despite the size, it can hold up to 800lbs and up for certain brands.
Folding Ramps:

Folding ramps are the number 1 choice for a portable style mobility device. The way these units work is by folding into themselves for a high storage capability. They are also very easy to carry making them less of a hassle to store in a vehicle. You can adjust the lengths and widths of the ramp with some brands. The folding ramp can detach from themselves and double in length. Some can even fold multiple times into themselves for even more space saving.

We understand that you want your new mobility product to be safe and last a long time. Our team of superb mobility specialists is dedicated to find the right solution for you and your home. To help us find the right fit, we offer a free consultation and evaluation of your home. Expert technicians will photograph, draw, and measure parts of your home that are needed for installation. Our installations and products are secure and can last for years with little maintenance thanks to our evaluation process.

We Service Areas All Over Amarillo

Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

In the Amarillo area, we offer wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, and vertical platform lifts to the locals. We also have more than 10 locations in the US where we install, repair, and maintain your mobility products.
Expand your home’s accessibility with a wheelchair ramp. Speak with our mobility specialists for more info

Mobility Ramp Q&As

What makes a mobility ramp good?
While the state of a ramp depends on your situation, making sure the ramp is safe and durable is a must. A safe ramp is one with a low angle slop, nonslip surface and high weight capacity. Traditional ramps should also include handrails.
How safe are these mobility devices?
Wheelchair ramps are among the safest mobility products you can get for your house. When assembled and installed properly you will be able to move in and out of your home with ease and peace of mind.
How long does it usually take to build a handicap ramp?
Generally standard accessible ramps take a couple of hours to half a day to complete. Assembly is done onsite of a job and installed right afterwards. This allows you to use your new ramp right away.
Is it necessary for my ramp to be ADA compliant?
Residential ramps are not required by law to be ADA compliant, although it is highly recommended. Only commercial ramps must adhere to the ADA guidelines.
Will I need construction done?
Generally construction work is not required for assembly or installation of a ramp. The way wheelchair ramps work are by being bolted and nailed to the ground.
Is buying one expensive?
A traditional accessible ramp can cost anywhere from $1000 – $3000 depending on brand, location, and any additional work needed. Prices for ramps usually include the installation fee.
Are these mobility units durable?
Handicap ramps are made from strong materials conditioned to withstand rain and snow. Not only are they great for the outdoors, but can also last a long time with little maintenance needed especially for a new unit.
Is there a warranty for my product?
Manufacturers have a limited time warranty on their products which usually covers 1 year and only for major components. However, if you feel you need more coverage you can ask your vendor for an extended warranty plan.

About Patriot Mobility

Operating since 2010, Patriot Mobility is a mobility solutions company dedicated to helping those with accessibility challenges regain their freedom of mobility. Established in West Babylon, we have more than 10 service locations in the continental US. In each of these locations we supply wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, and much more. We also offer installation, repair, and maintenance services along with a free consultation and evaluation. Our team of trained specialists will find the right fit for your home. We know you want a product that will last a long time and is safe for you to use. That is why we strive in making sure you have all the tools you need to live independently.

If you are looking into making your home safer for you enter and leave out of, talk to one of our accessibility experts for a free quote today. 

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