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Vertical Platform Lifts

Experience the freedom of mobility in your home with one of our vertical platform lifts. These units are great for those who have trouble going up the stairs.

Explore Our Philadelphia Vertical Platform Lifts

Residential Lifts:
Residential vertical platform lifts are arguably the safest mobility device installed in your home. One of the benefits of these units is they can also support wheelchair bound users overcome their staircase. VPLs are designed with this in mind and can hold up to 750lbs. These units are built with weather-resistant materials, making them an excellent choice for outside your home. Platform lifts are highly customizable and can come with features such as gate locks, higher gates, remote controls and emergency kits.
Commercial Lifts:

Commerical grade units are ADA approved and provide your customers a safe entrance to your business. The ADA guidelines these units follow make they resilient against weather events, wear and tear, and heavy weights. When installed correctly these VPLs can last for years with the need of constant maintenance. Commercial lifts have a variety of models to choose from, and you can add functions such as enclosed spaces, higher gates, phone kits, and internal batteries.

When it comes to safety, we don’t cut corners and strive to secure your unit so it can last for years to come. We accomplish this thanks to our talented team of mobility specialists. We offer a free consultation and quote service where one of our team members will photograph, draw, and measure any part of your home. As a result we enable your freedom of independence.

We Service Areas All Over Philadelphia

Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

In all of Philadelphia, we supply vertical platform lifts, wheelchair ramps, and stair lifts. In addition we also provide installation, repair, and maintenance services to over 10 of our service areas in the US.
Improve your home’s inside/outside access with a new VPL. Talk to one of our mobility experts today for more info.

Vertical Platform Lift Q&As

Are VPLs safe for me to use?
When it comes to home safety, platform lifts are one for the best choices you can make for your home. They come with gates, obstruction sensors and emergency brakes to safely get you where you need to go.
How strong are platform lifts?
Wheelchair lifts are able to withstand outside weather conditions such as rain and snow. When installed properly, they can last with very little maintenance for years.
Will a vertical platform lift be an expensive item?
VPLs are more expensive when compared to their other mobility counterparts like stair lifts or ramps. Prices can start around $9000 and increase in price with add-ons.
Is a platform lift a good fit for my home?
It depends on your home’s configuration and your situation, however if you need help going up/down the steps in a wheelchair then a VPL is right for you.
Is construction work a requirement to install a lift?
Unlike other mobility equipment, VPLs do need construction work in order to be installed. Construction mainly consists of building a strong foundation for the lift to sit on. For indoor units you may need more work than an outdoor one.
Can I customize my wheelchair lift to my liking?
Platform lifts are highly customizable and can come with a wide variety of features. Some of these features include, phone kits, upgraded gates, internal battery sources, and even different models to choose from.
Do I need batteries for my product?
It depends on the brand and type of lift you purchase. Some VPLs come with batteries as a power source, while others by default need to be plugged into the wall.
Is there a warranty for my lift?
Manufacturers include a limited 1-2 year warranty for each brand new porch lift. You can also talk to your vendor to see if they offer any extended warranties that cover more parts for a longer time.

About Patriot Mobility

Patriot Mobility is a mobility solutions company founded in 2010 in West Babylon, NY with the sole purpose of giving others the gift of mobility. We have over 10 locations in the US where we supply wheelchair ramps, vertical platform lifts, stair lifts, and more to the locals in the area. In addition to our line of equipment, we also offer you installation, repair, and maintenance services including free quotes and consultations. Our team of mobility specialists will find the right fit for your home at a low cost. They will measure, photograph, and draw any part of your home in order to properly secure your product. When it comes to your freedom of mobility, we are with you every step of the way. 

If you want to begin your journey of independence today, contact one of our mobility experts for a free quote. 

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