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Vertical Platform Lifts

Our stock of vertical platform lifts make for the most secure accessibility solution for both the inside and outside of your home.

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Residential Lifts:

Wheelchair lifts are arguably the most secure accessibility unit on the market due to its enclosed and gated space, along with several emergency functions. Unlike a stair lift, VPLs can support a wheelchair and make it much more convenient for you to move around your home. Platform lifts can also be customized depending on the brand. Some additional modifications include, extra locks, higher capacity batteries, upper and lower gates. Internal batteries make it so the unit functions normally even during a power outage.  

Commercial Lifts:

Commercial platform lifts are VPLs adhering to ADA guidelines and built to last. There are major differences between a residential unit and commercial one since commercial ones have more models to choose from and more features. Almost all of these lifts will require some form of construction work for installation. Unlike a commercial ramp, you won’t need as much space to install and a VPL can potentially access multiple floors similar to an elevator. Some of the additions you can have make it feel like an elevator. 

Vertical platform lifts are a superbly safe addition to your home, however that is only the case when installed correctly. VPLs are more difficult to assemble than ramps or stair lifts due to the construction work needed prior. This is why our team of experienced technicians will evaluate your home at no cost to determine how to install your new VPL unit. Photographs, drawings, and measurements are how we stand out as the most accurate in our evaluation process.

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Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

Our vast inventory of products and services are available all over the Charlotte region. We also have over 10 locations in other states and areas where we install, repair, and maintenance any piece of mobility equipment.
If you are looking to add a secure lift for your home, talk with one of our mobility specialists today.

Vertical Platform Lift Q&As

Are these units safe for use?
VPLs are arguably the safest mobility device to use for your home. These units can last for years and come with gates to protect the user from accidental falls. Obstruction sensors and internal power are also available.
Are wheelchair lifts durable?
These accessible units are able to last for years with little maintenance needed. As long as the foundation is properly built and the unit is used in the way its supposed to be used, you most likely won’t have any issues.
How expensive will my new mobility device be?
Vertical platform lifts have a higher base price when compared to wheelchair ramps and stair lifts. However, it is still a great investment for your home or business and has advantages over the other 2.
Will my VPL work inside my home as well?
Porch lifts can also work well inside a home, provided you are willing to have construction work done inside. Functionality will still be the same regardless of the location.
How much construction work is needed for my device?
Construction work is necessary for a VPL to be installed in your home, however if it is an outdoor lift, it won’t be as much. Having the space is more difficult than the work itself, however indoor elevators will need more work.
How much can I customize on my platform lift?
Some features you can request on your mobility device are enclosed gates, emergency kits, extra batteries, and additional gates on the lower and upper platforms.
Is it possible for my lift to work during a power outage?
Yes, as long as your unit has internal batteries to supply power to the wheelchair lift. You can ask your vendor if the lift you are looking to purchase has batteries since not all of them do.
Can I get a warranty or maintenance plan for my lift?
Vendors and manufacturers do offer warranty/maintenance plans for your product depending on the company. Ask about potential plans and how much they cost before purchasing a new VPL.

About Patriot Mobility

Patriot Mobility is an accessibility solutions business always striving to give you the gift of mobility and independence. We are quickly becoming an industry leader with over 10 locations spread throughout the US and a headquarters located in West Babylon. In all of our locations we supply vertical platform lifts, stair lifts, and wheelchair ramps along with installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our team of mobility specialists will advise, evaluate, and install the ideal mobility solution for you and your home. 

Talk to one of our mobility specialists today for a free in home consultation and start your new life of independence. 

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