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Vertical Platform Lifts

Patriot Mobility vertical platform lifts are able to safely get you inside and outside of your home with the push of a button.

Explore Our Baltimore Vertical Platform Lifts

Residential Lifts:

A wheelchair lift for home can bring a sense of ease that other mobility products cannot. While being more expensive than other pieces of mobility equipment, it also enables wheelchair support, rich customization and extra security. Most VPLs come with a gate that protects the user from accidental falls, obstruction brakes for when there is something blocking the path of the lift, and internal batteries that power the life regardless of external electricity. 

Commercial Lifts:

Vertical platform lifts for businesses and public spaces adhere to ADA guidelines and are built to function perfectly for years. Most of these lifts will require construction work on the premise to properly install the lift. The advantage these products have over wheelchair ramps is you don’t need as much space for a VPL compared to a ramp. The business or public place can also design the VPL to act more like a traditional elevator with protected glass, automated doors, and emergency buttons. 

Whenever we take a job, we strive to complete it safely, professionally, and strategically. That is why we offer free in-home consultations to determine what the best mobility solution is for you and your home. Our team of expert technicians will photograph, draw, and measures all of the parts of your home needed for the installation in incredible detail. This is how we make sure your VPL isn’t just a product, but a new start to an independent life. 

We Service Areas All Over Baltimore

Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

Throughout our service areas, we provide mobility products and accessibility services to local people, communities, and businesses. We have over 10 locations all across the US, with a headquarters in West Babylon, NY.
Speak with one of our mobility specialists today on how you can install one of our VPLs in your home.

Vertical Platform Lift Q&As

Are vertical platform lifts safe?
Like most mobility products, VPLs are highly safe to use and are arguably safer than other products. One of the key factors of a VPL is its security that can be customized to feature doors, enclosed lifts, and emergency toolkits.
How much can a VPL endure?
Wheelchair lifts can last for at least several years before needing maintenance/repairs. Proper handling of the unit means you won’t need to buy another one.
How much will I spend for a new vertical platform lift?
These pieces of accessibility equipment can cost more than other products. The average price for a VPL is around $9000 and can increase in price depending on custom parts and construction work needed.
Will a wheelchair lift work inside and outside my home?
While they may be called porch lifts, these products can also be used for the inside of your home. Keep in mind that the amount of construction needed for an indoor lift may be more than an outdoor one.
Is construction work necessary for a porch lift?
You will most likely need to have construction work done for your VPL as it needs a strong foundation for it to work. These costs may or may not be applied to the price of the VPL.
Can I customize my new unit to my liking?
Yes you can depending on the brand and vendor selling the product to you. Some features include security locks, more emergency functionality, and longer lasting batteries.
Can my unit work during a power outage?
Yes, as long as your unit has internal batteries to supply power to the wheelchair lift. You can ask your vendor if the lift you are looking to purchase has batteries since not all of them do.
Can I get a warranty or maintenance plan for my lift?
Vendors and manufacturers do offer warranty/maintenance plans for your product depending on the company. Ask about potential plans and how much they cost before purchasing a new VPL.

About Patriot Mobility

Located in West Babylon, NY we are an accessibility product company with over 10 service areas in the United States. Bringing the local community our line of products and services is how we inspire healthy and happy lives. Whether it be a VPL installation, stair lift repair, or ramp maintenance, we promise to solve your mobility issue as safely and professionally as possible. All of us here at Patriot Mobility strive to give you the perfect solution for you and your home. Our free in home consultation, caring customer service, and fair pricing start your journey towards independence. 

If you are considering a new accessibility solution, speak with one of our mobility specialists today. 

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