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Vertical Platform Lifts

If you need a safe way to go in and out of your home, then a vertical platform lift is a great solution for you wheelchair or no wheelchair.

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Residential Lifts:

Residential platform lifts are indoor and outdoor accessibility products that feature a gated lift with a variety of safety functions and add-ons. Also known as wheelchair lifts, these units can support wheelchair weights as well without compromising the smooth and peaceful ride. You can customize your residential and add more features such as a higher gate, remote controls, internal batteries, and even a phone kit. 

Commercial Lifts:

ADA platform lifts offer the safest possible ride to all those who use the product. These commercial devices adhere to ADA guidelines making them highly durable and reliable lifts. You can also customize your unit and choose from a variety of different models for your business or public place. You can add a taller gated VPL or go for a lift closer to an elevator with enclosed spaces. Commercial may require heavy construction for them to be placed into an area.

When it comes to safety, we take all necessary measures to ensure your product is reliable, easy to use, and durable. Our team of talented mobility experts strive to give you a device that is a right fit for you and your home. Thanks to our free consultation, our technicians will evaluate, measure, photograph, and draw any part of your home/business. In addition to your consultation we can also offer a free quote as well.

We Service Areas All Over Amarillo

Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

Our service area in Amarillo has access to our products and services including vertical platform lifts, stair lifts, and wheelchair ramps. We also have more than 10 other locations in the US, supporting the local communities.
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Vertical Platform Lift Q&As

Are VPLs safe for my home?
As a matter of fact they are among the safest mobility device to use. The gates and obstruction sensors make sure no accidental falls/stops happen. These units can come with internal batteries to work during power outages.
How strong is a wheelchair lift?
Wheelchair lifts are built and designed to withstand weather conditions like rain and snow while lasting for years. Some maintenance may be required for these units, however it is nothing that would need full-scale repairs.
How much will a vertical platform lift cost me?
Residential lifts cost much more than other mobility devices with a starting price around $9000. This price can go up depending on the brand, model, and additional features.
How convenient is it to have an indoor platform lift?
A vertical platform lift in the house is a very convenient addition to your home. These units can carry you to multiple floors similar to a stair lift, but can also carry a wheelchair.
How much construction work is needed to install one?
Most installations will require construction work, however indoor units may need more if you don’t have the space. An outdoor unit needs a concrete foundation to work on.
Is there a wide variety of features I can add to my unit?
Yes there are a number of features you can custom request for your unit. For example you can add higher quality batteries, emergency kits on the lift, and enclosed spaces.
Will I need batteries for the VPL?
Some wheelchair lifts don’t come with batteries and can be request if needed. Others will have batteries as part of their default model. Battery powered VPLs can work even during a power outage.
Does a lift come with a warranty?
Generally the manufacturer will have a limited time warranty for major parts in a 1-2 year period. You can ask your vendor for an extended warranty plan if needed.

About Patriot Mobility

Patriot Mobility is an accessibility solutions company dedicated to giving people the freedom of mobility. Established in West Babylon, NY in 2010 we have expanded our operations to over 10 different locations in the US. In all of our service areas we supply vertical platform lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair ramp, and much more. We also provide installation, repair, maintenance, and a free consultation service. Our expert staff of mobility specialists will advise you and evaluate your home at no cost so you can get the perfect device. We stop at nothing to safely secure your product and have work for you years after we installed it.

If you are ready to start your journey towards independence give us a call today and get your free quote and consultation.

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