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Stair Lifts

Looking to enhance your home’s accessibility? Get a stair chair lift from Patriot Mobility and regain your freedom of mobility today. 

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Straight Stair Lifts
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Outdoor Stair Lifts
Straight Stair Lifts:

Straight stair lifts are standard units that can ride up a wall or railing of a straight staircase no matter the height or length of that structure. Additional modifications such as security locks, multiple rails, and automatic folding are available. These units provide inside and outside accessibility to your home. Construction work is most likely not needed for your unit and you can use it once it is mounted onto your home’s staircase. 

Outdoor Stair Lifts:

These units are built specifically for outside of your home and made with weather-resistant material. Outdoor stair lifts can be straight models or custom curved models for multi-leveled terrain. Features include waterproof seating and waterproof coverings along with the other regular modifications the inside models come with. 

Curved Stair Lifts:

Curved stair lifts are able to overcome any obstacle be it straight or spiral staircases. These mobility devices have the most customization out of the 3 mentioned and while also being the most expensive. The price for these units can increase the more you request additional features, however those features are worth the investment. Some features of these curved stair lifts include additional railing, larger seat padding, remote controls, charging stations and enhanced parking stops.

We know that you want your mobility device to not just work, but be safe and work. Our team of mobility solutions experts strive to give you the ideal choice for your home. In order to give you the best solution we provide you a free in-home consultation where our highly trained technicians photograph, draw, and measure any part of your home. Because of our process, we can ensure your stair lift is properly installed and safe to use for years to come.

We Service Areas All Over Tampa

Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

We have services and products in the Tampa area along with 10 other locations in the United States. We work with the local communities, businesses, and VA centers bringing them the freedom of mobility.
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Stair Lift Q&As

Are stair lifts expensive?
It depends on your budget, but stair lift prices typically range from $1500-$9000 with custom curved units being the higher tier prices. For a standard stair lift without installation you are looking at below $1600.
Do I need one for my home?
If you have a home where steps can cause trouble for you or loved ones and you dont have the space for a ramp, then a stair lift is a great option.
Does a stair elevator take a long time to build and install?
The average time length for a stair lift installation is less than a day and depending on the staircase and lift can take only a couple of hours.
Can my new chair lift support large frame people?
Most chair lifts are able to hold up to 350lbs at a time. However some vendors have brands that can hold up to an impressive amount of 650lbs.
Do I need construction work done?
Most stair lifts can be installed without the need of 3rd-party or foundation work. Lifts are installed on the walls or railings of a staircase and can be used right away once the installation process is done.
Is warranty/maintenance included?
Brand new units do have limited manufacturer warranties and usually last for 1 year after purchase. You can also ask your vendor for additional warranty or maintenance plans.
Would I be able to assemble and install my chair lift myself?
You can install or put together your unit yourself, however it may not be safely secured or built properly. It is best to leave this to a professional and have a product that you trust will work safely and for years.
How much customization can I add to my unit?
Standard stair lifts can have a plentiful amount of customization such as color choices or automatic folding/swiveling. Curved stair lifts offer even more features.
Do I need batteries for one?
Some stair lift units will require batteries in order to work. Other units will need to be plugged into your wall to get power. The benefit these have is they can work even during a power outage.
Will I need maintenance?
Stair elevators that are properly installed can work for years without needing to maintain it. If internal issues or misuse is present then you may need maintenance service.

About Patriot Mobility

In operation since 2010, Patriot Mobility is a mobility solutions company with the goal to bring others the freedom of mobility. Our line of stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, platform lifts, and more can solve any mobility issue you have. With a headquarters in West Babylon, NY, we have over 10 locations in different parts of the US. Our team of dedicated mobility specialists will help you find the ideal solution to your home’s accessibility issues. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance services alongside a free quote/consultation. With our consultation process we ensure your mobility device is secured and ready to use without the worry of repair or maintenance.

If you want to start your journey towards independence, speak with one of our mobility specialists today. 

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