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Stair Lifts

We supply stair lifts all across Baltimore, bringing with us the freedom of mobility. Speak with one of our mobility specialists today for a free quote.

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Straight Stair Lifts
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Straight Stair Lifts:

Straight stair lift units are the standard model for residential homes. These stair elevators are mounted onto the wall or a straight stairway. Additional features for these units may include power swivel, power folding, and multiple rails. Standard stair elevators are also the more cost effective choice when considering between custom curved or even outdoor units. They are able to be installed quickly and easily, making them a great solution for a quick mobility fix. 

Outdoor Stair Lifts:

Outdoor stair lifts are specifically designed for outside use and usually accompanied by waterproof covers. These units encompass both standard units and custom curved units. Installation times vary greatly depending on the model of your mobility product and the amount of customization they have. Both straight and curved units are built with weather-resistant material, enabling them as the ideal outdoor solution for your home.

Curved Stair Lifts:

Custom curved chair lifts are mobility products built for a curved and spiral staircase inside or outside of your home. These units provide the highest levels of customization for any stair elevator. Features such as larger padded seating, color schemes, security locks, folding rails and many more. Installation times for curved lifts can take longer depending on the design of the staircase, additional features, and any potential obstacles. 

We pride ourselves on the safety of our products and accuracy of our installations, repairs, and maintenance jobs. Free in-home or over the phone consultations are how we ensure your product is safe for you. Our staff of highly trained technicians and mobility experts aim to advise, measure, draw, and photograph parts of your home. We don’t just want to give you a mobility product, but a solution that will last you for years.

We Service Areas All Over Baltimore

Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

We operate within all sections of Baltimore including the 5 boroughs. Plus, we also have over 10 service areas in the US providing chair lift products and services. In each of our locations we bring the freedom of mobility to local communities and VA center.
Need a stair lift unit for your home in Baltimore? Talk to one of our mobility specialists today for a free quote.

Stair Lift Q&As

Can a stair lift be cost effective?
Stair lifts can be as low as $1600 for a standard unit, but that is most likely not including installation services. If installation fees are part of the price stair lifts can be lower than $3000 for a secure mobility product.
Should I purchase a chair lift?
Chair lifts make for a great solution both indoor and outdoor, however it really depends on what you and your home needs. Ask your mobility product supplier for info on which mobility product is best for you.
Will it take a long time to install my stair elevator?
Standard lifts can be assembled and install in the same day making them ready for immediate use. Curved stair lifts can take more than a day depending on staircase design.
Will a unit be able to withstand higher weight limits?
These mobility units typically have a weight capacity of 350lbs and less. Some manufacturers do stock lifts that can hold weights of up to 650lbs.
Will I need construction done for a new chair lift?
It is very rare for construction work to be done when a professional is installing the unit. Most units are mounted onto the wall or stairway to avoid unnecessary work.
Does warranty cover repairs and maintenance for a unit?
Suppliers and manufacturers do offer warranty plans that cover repairs depending on the type of warranty. Maintenance plans are usually separate plans from the supplier.
Can I install the lift myself?
You can install the lift if you have prior experience, however it is much safer to have a professional handle it since they have the proper tools and knowledge required to get the job done.
Are chair lifts customizable?
You can request additional features to your vendor for the new unit. Most chair lifts have the option for automatic chair swivels, remote controls, charging stations, and more.
Will it work if there is no electricity coming from my home?
As long as your unit has internal batteries, it can function normally even during a power outage. However, not all stair lifts come with internal batteries as a standard.
Will I need maintenance for my unit at some point?
One of the highlights of a chair lift is that it requires very little to no maintenance to have it work. These units are built to last for years without fail and if you do need some work done, it won’t be anything critical.

About Patriot Mobility

Operating since 2010, Patriot Mobility is a mobility solutions company located in West Babylon, NY with over 10 service areas in different states. Our ultimate goal is to inspire healthy and happy lives by giving you the freedom of mobility. We achieve this by providing you mobility solutions such as stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, VPLs, and more that are perfect for you and your home. Our staff of dedicated mobility experts and technicians will advise, evaluate, and solve any mobility issue you have with surgical precision. Whether its an installation, repair, or maintenance job, we always strive for going above and beyond for our customers safety. 

If you are interested in having a chair lift in your home, talk to one of our mobility specialists today.

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