Patriot Mobility Inc


home accessibility

Patriot Mobility Inc has been the number one leader in providing comprehensive home modifications for seniors and those with special needs.

Our Accessible Experts modify residential homes and commercialbuildings in New York and surrounding areas for improved accessibility and independence for seniors and people with disabilities, and we provide them with products that increase their mobility and safety.

Our two main philosophies are: “To help people to remain safer and independent in their homes for as long as possible” AND “To design with excellence.” Most of the solutions we offer not only have a higher level of functionality, but most have a more elegant look to them as well!

We take pride in performing ADA home improvements for people with disabilities and we offer home safety evaluations for seniors in the greater Los Angeles area.


There are many easy and inexpensive improvements you can make to improve your safety such as grab bars in bathrooms, handrails on both sides of stairways, and portable shower seats. The list below shows the most often used home modifications. These modifications are a proactive approach to increasing the level of safety in the home, and they often add convenience and comfort for seniors as well.Sometimes, it pays to pay it forward.


Our job doesn’t end when your product is installedDespite offering top quality products with expert installation, mobility equipment, just like any other complex machinery, may require occasional maintenance and service. That’s why we promise to be available if you need us!


Are you looking for a wheelchair or scooter accessible vehicle to rent? If you live in the east coast or will be traveling there soon, Patriot Mobility can help you with your wheelchair van rentals. We provide handicap accessible van rentals for persons with disabilities all over the east coast!