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Improve the accessibility of your business with a Patriot Mobility commercial ramp. These units are ADA compliant, reliable and overall safe. 

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Commercial Ramps
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Commercial Ramps:

Commercial ramps are ADA compliant mobility pieces of equipment that are government approved for safety. The ADA guidelines specify what the ramp must include in its design and failure to comply may result in legal action. Some of the features of these types of accessible ramps are low angle inclines, nonslip surfaces, hand bars, and guardrails. They can also withstand weather conditions such as rain and snow.

Aluminum Ramps:

Aluminum wheelchair ramps are robust and lightweight devices that give your business inside and outside access. They are conditioned to survive against rain or snow and even have surface systems designed to prevent snow accumulation or slippery surfaces. Aluminum ramps can also be configured in a variety of ways using slopes, transition plates, and even steps. Additional platforms and inclines can be added if needed. Despite their lightweight nature they are able to hold 2000lbs and higher depending on brand.

Modular Ramps:

Modular system ramps are some of the most flexible and customizable ramps, making them perfect for a location that a traditional ramp wouldn’t work in. Combinations include stairs, gates, slopes, transition plates, and platforms. These handicap ramps are usually built with either metal or aluminum and are lightweight, sturdy units. Mesh and treaded surfaces are usually fitted into these ramp, preventing snow build up and giving the user more traction in their steps.

Safety is our number 1 priority, and we stop at nothing to get you the product your business needs to be safe. In order to protect your business and customers, we follow all ADA guidelines and safety regulations. Our team of talented mobility specialists are more than capable of handling your product. They will perform a free evaluation and consultation, accurately measuring, drawing, and photographing your location for the best accessibility solution.

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95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

Throughout all of Philadelphia, we offer the local communities and businesses wheelchair ramps, vertical platform lifts, and stair lifts. We also offer our products and services to over 10 states in the US.
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Commercial Ramp Q&As

Are ADA guidelines important for my new commercial ramp?
Any commercial grade ramp must be ADA compliant as required by US law. These guidelines protect the rights of those with mobility challenges so they can access any business the same as able bodied people.
How do I know if my product is ADA compliant?
You can check your ramp for certain features that are required such as nonslip surfaces and low angle slopes. Professionally assembled and installed ramps are ADA compliant as well.
How safe are these devices?
They are one of the safest devices in the accessibility industry provided it is built correctly. A well-made ramp will make it extremely unlikely to break or cause slips and falls.
Will it need regular maintenance?
Once a handicap ramp is installed correctly it will need very little to no maintenance. After a years the product may need more maintenance and/or repairs.
Could I build the ramp myself?
Commercial ramps should be constructed by a professional since they are the ones that have the skillset, experience, and knowledge to install your ramp safely.
Are these units expensive?
A commercial ramp can cost more than a residential ramp which has a price range of $1000 – $3000. It is difficult to get an exact price for a commercial ramp, so it is much better to get a free quote.
Are ramps good against weather?
Wheelchair ramps are built to last a long time even in snow or rain. When it comes to the outdoors, these devices are a great addition to your home. Traction and filtering are also built into the ramps for easy accessibility
Will it take a while to build?
Product assembly and installation can take a couple of hours to almost the entire day similar to a residential ramp. However, your ramp could be impacted by the time it takes to get documents and paperwork approved.

About Patriot Mobility

Founded in West Babylon, NY, Patriot Mobility is a mobility solutions expert focused on giving everyone the freedom of mobility. We hope to inspire healthy and happy lives for our customers. We achieve this by providing wheelchair ramps, vertical platform lifts, stair lifts, and more mobility products. In addition, to our line of accessibility goods, we offer installation, repair, and maintenance services along with free consultations. Our staff of mobility specialists are dedicated to giving you a safe and long-lasting product. Thanks to our evaluation process, we ensure your future is one where you can live independently in your own home. 

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