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Improve the accessibility of your business with a Patriot Mobility commercial ramp. These units are ADA compliant, reliable and overall safe. 

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Commercial Ramps:

ADA ramps are commercial grade units designed to adhere to the guidelines established by the US government. ADA guidelines must be followed and failure to comply may result in legal action. The main factors of these ramps are nonslip surfaces, picket rails, hand bars, and a low angle slope. These components are what make commercial ramps safe for any patron wishing to go into or out of any business. These ramps are also sturdy enough to survive rain and snow, while also lasting for a long time.

Aluminum Ramps:

These wheelchair ramps are lightweight and sturdy pieces of mobility equipment built to handle the elements, while also being a safe product. Aluminum ramps are highly durable and can hold up to 2000lbs. They are also protected from rain and snow, even having built in designs that prevent snow accumulation and slippery surfaces in the form of mesh and treads. Multiple configurations are possible for these ramps due to their flexibility. You can add more platforms and slopes to the ramp if needed.

Modular Ramps:

Modular system ramps are some of the most flexible and customizable ramps, making them perfect for a location that a traditional ramp wouldn’t work in. Combinations include stairs, gates, slopes, transition plates, and platforms. These handicap ramps are usually built with either metal or aluminum and are lightweight, sturdy units. Mesh and treaded surfaces are usually fitted into these ramp, preventing snow build up and giving the user more traction in their steps.

Customer safety is the most important issue for us to solve whenever we install a ramp. This is especially true for ADA ramps that need to follow strict guidelines and be government approved. We have a reliable team of mobility specialists dedicated to finding you the right solution for your business or home. Our free evaluation process allows our team to photograph, draw, and measure all parts of your location to give you a secure and safe commercial product.

We Service Areas All Over New Jersey

Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

We supply wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, and more to the entire state of New Jersey. We also offer our products and services to more than 10 other locations in the US ranging from consultation to repairs.
If you are looking into having a commercial or residential product installed talk to one of our specialists today

Commercial Ramp Q&As

What are ADA guidelines and does it affect my ramp?
The ADA guidelines are what the US government set up in order to guarantee people with accessibility are accommodated for in businesses and public areas. They outline what specs a mobility product must have.
How can I check if my product is ADA compliant?
You can look for the specs laid out by the guidelines and match them with the ramp you installed. Specifically measurements regarding the ramp slope, platforms, and guardrails. You can find more on the ada gov site.
How do I know if the wheelchair ramp is safe?
Wheelchair ramps are some of the safest mobility products you can use. Generally a well made and safe ramp is one where the surface has slip or trip resistance, a low incline, and high weight capacity.
How often will I need to repair or maintain my unit?
At some point you will need have maintenance or repairs done on your ramp, but that is usually years after installation. Wheelchair ramps are built with the idea to last a long time so regular maintenance is not an issue.
Can I choose to build the ramp myself instead of a company?
For a commercial ramp you will need a professional as they can make sure your ramp is ADA compliant and safe for use. Residential ramps are not required to be ADA compliant and can be built by yourself.
How much would a commercial ramp cost me?
Commercial ramps typically cost more than residential ramps, however getting a price range can be difficult for an ADA ramp. It is best to get a quote from a company.
How strong is my ramp against the weather?
These ramps are able to withstand rain and snow making them great for an outdoor setting. They can also provide more traction and filter out snow.
How long will it take to assemble my new ramp?
Assembly and installation can be accomplished on the same day depending on the amount of ramp needed. Keep in mind things like paperwork or permits can extend the installation time

About Patriot Mobility

Starting in 2010 in West Babylon, NY, Patriot Mobility is an accessibility and mobility company with the mission to give others the freedom of mobility. We have expanded our service areas to more than 10 different locations in the US. In each of these locations, we supply wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, vertical platform lifts and more. We also install, repair, and maintain all items within our product line. Our team of accessibility experts are equipped with the knowledge, skillset, and compassion needed to get you the best product. Our free consultation and evaluation are how we secure your product and your future independent life.

If you are looking into expanding your accessibility for your home or business, call us today for a free quote and consultation.

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