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VA Grants for Veterans - A Comparison

1394 vs 4502

With the number of VA grants available for Veterans, we want to clear up some confusion when it comes to the grants that can help veterans purchase a wheelchair accessible van. While the application process for each is pretty straight-forward, there are some significant differences that would help to determine which would be appropriate for different situations.

In terms of the 1394 and 4502 grants, both can provide significant financial assistance in the purchase of accessible vans but the table below shows the points that we find help to clarify for veterans which would apply to their own situation. To add some clarity to the contents of the table, the term conversion refers to the process performed by specialty manufacturers like VMI where equipment (which can include motor-driven or manually deployed ramps, hydraulics and anchoring hardware) is added to a van to convert it into a wheelchair accessible van.

Only covers the cost of converting a van. The purchase cost of the van is not covered.As approval for this grant includes approval for the 1394 grant, the entire cost of the van and conversion should be covered.
A veteran with a non service connected disability would apply for the 1394. For example, a stroke afterwards would not be counted as a service connected disability
A veteran with service related disability would apply for 4502. This would be someone who has an amputation from fighting in war
A 1394 approval will get for up to $30,000 for a conversion, depending on the type of conversion that they are gettingA 4502 approval will constitute approval of the 1394 as well. This is a one time grant of up to $21,488.29 toward the price of the vehicle itself, not the conversion
~ A power conversion will almost always get up to $30k

~ A manual in floor conversion can get $20-25k

~ Rear entry conversion can get $18-25k
When combined with the 1394, the veteran can qualify for up to $51,488.29 dollars toward the price of a vehicle, which will almost always cover the majority of the cost.

Regardless of your disability and how you acquired it, these grants can make it that much easier to re-acquire and greatly improve your feelings of mobility and independence. Before starting the grant process, it is best to talk to an accessible van dealership like Patriot Mobility, which is veteran owned and enjoys a close working relationship Veterans Administration offices throughout the New York Metropolitan region. To learn more about the VA Grants programs for Accessible Vans, click here.

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