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Improve your home’s accessibility today with a brand new patriot mobility stair lift. Our line of lifts can easily help you overcome any staircase in a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride

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We want you to live a life that is healthy, happy, and independent. All of us here strive to give you the product that’ll help enable you to regain your freedom of mobility. Before installation, our team of mobility technicians will perform a free evaluation of your property. They will draw, photograph, and measure every part of your home needed for the job. This helps us secure your product so it can be used safely and for many years.

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95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

Our Philadelphia line of products include stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, vertical platform lifts, and more. In addition we also provide installation, repair, and maintenance services to the locals in the area.
If you are looking to improve your home’s accessibility, speak to one of our mobility specialists today for a free quote
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When it comes to helping our customers and clients, we don’t settle for less than excellence. Our customer service team is always ready to listen to any concerns or questions you have. They will advise you on the best course of action, solve any mobility issue you have, and get you the best deal for your product. If we helped you regain your mobility, consider leaving us a Google review.

We are Extremely Satisfied

5 stars

"In my opinion, Patriot is the place to go for your stair lift needs. We were more than satisfied with Jose - service technician that came to install the unit. He was professional, gracious, patient, kind and very easy to deal with. He made the whole process of installing the unit a real pleasure. He cares about what he does and how he does it. He took real pride in his work and took the time to explain everything in a very easygoing, calm manner. We definitely recommend Patriot mobility and especially Jose. We are extremely satisfied with our stairlift! GO PATRIOT!"

Keep up the Great Work!

5 stars

"Patriot Mobility is very professional and on time. They keep to their word and call you when there's a change in plans. The job was done and working only in a few hours. The job was very clean and they took their garbage with them and left nothing on the site for you to clean up! The tech, Frank, was as courteous as you can get!! He answered all the questions you had about the chair lift. He was very knowledgeable about the product and how it operated! He worked until he finished and had you try it when he was done installing it. I would recommend this place to my family and friends!! Keep up the great work for our Veterans guys!! Thank you very much!!"

5+ Stars to the Staff and Customer Service

5 stars

"My family has been using Patriot Mobility successfully for years. The company retrofitted our home and made it more functional for everyday use. It is truly a one stop shop for all handicap accessible medical equipment and now offering a line of brand new vehicles for those in need. Highly recommended!! 5+ Stars to the staff and customer service putting us at ease and making us feel like family. Thank you Mr. Ippolito."

Stair Lift Q&As

Are chair lifts a safe investment?
Stair lifts are a cost effective solution for your home with price ranges of $1600 – $9000. Not only are they safe to use, but are built to last for years after installation.
Will this unit be right for me?
While it does depend on your accessibility situation, these devices allow you to climb any staircase in a safer and relaxing manner. They also have indoor and outdoor accessibility for more flexibility.
How long does it normally take to build a stairlift elevator?
Straight chair lift models can be installed within several hours to almost the whole day Curved stair lifts can take much longer depending on the staircase wall or railing they are being mounted onto.
Are these units capable of holding heavy weights?
These units can hold a weight of 350lbs making them rather sturdy for both indoor and outdoor use. However, if you need a unit that has a higher weight limit, there are heavy duty lifts that can hold up to 650lbs.
Hou much construction work is needed for one?
Normally you don’t need any type of construction work for a stair lift installation. These devices are mounted onto the wall or railings of the staircases.
Is a warranty plan included with my purchase?
There are warranties for your newly bought units that range from 1 – 2 years and covers major parts only. You can speak with your vendor about extending your warranty and covering more parts.
Would I be able to build one myself?
It is possible for you to purchase a stair lift and install it yourself, however it is not recommended. Having a professional install your unit makes it so it will last a long time and be safe to use.
How many features can I add?
Chair lifts support a healthy amount of options to choose from for your unit. For example you can add internal batteries, larger seating, automatic foot rest folding, and even additional rails for the unit.
Does my unit need batteries?
Some units do need to be plugged into the wall in order for them to work. Others can come with an internal battery source that can make the device operate even in a blackout.
How often will I need maintenance?
One of the benefits of owning a stair lift is the fact you don’t need to perform much maintenance if any. These devices are built to last and can go without maintenance for at least a couple of years after installation.

About Patriot Mobility

In operation since 2010, Patriot Mobility is a mobility solutions company, dedicated to bring others the freedom of mobility. We goal is to inspire healthy, happy, and independent lives through the use of our products and services. Our line of products include stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, vertical platform lifts, and more. We offer repair, maintenance, and installation services along with free consultations and evaluations. All of these products and services are available to our 10+ locations stationed across the US. Our talented team of mobility specialists are ready to help you get the accessibility you deserve. They will be with you every step of the way in your journey towards independence whether its talking about your options to or finalizing your installation.

If you want to make the decision to regain your mobility, speak to one of our mobility experts today for a free consultation or quote. 

$300 Off Stair Lift with Promo Code: Patriot