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Need a sturdy and up-to-code wheelchair ramp for your business? Patriot Mobility offers you ADA compliant ramps at a reasonable price, making them the perfect mobility solution for the patrons of your establishment. Speak with one of our mobility experts for a quote. 

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We take extra precautions when it comes to selling and installing commercial grade equipment for our customers. Precise measurements, quality drawings, and clear photographs are all part of our process to ensure your new ramp is the safest one your patrons will use. 

We can also provide additional documentation in the event such is needed. Contact us for more info on what is needed for your business. 

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Operating in more than 10 states across the US, we bring with us a plethora of products that inspire health and happiness in you. We are also expanding our service areas, so that we can work with more local communities and VA centers in the nation.
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Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority and we strive to compete, innovate, improve ourselves and our services. We want your experience with us to the best it can be and enable you to start your journey towards independence confidently.

It was a Very Good experience.

5 stars

"I highly recommend Patriot Mobility. We are a small non-profit organization that wanted to ensure our members and guests could access all areas of our center. Dennis and Pete from Patriot Mobility made that possible through their quick response, ease of ordering & instillation. They were available for questions, and cleaned up after the instillation. It was a very good experience"

It Far Exceeded any Expectations.

4 stars

"I was very impressed with the workmanship of my ramp. It far exceeded any expectations. I look forward to getting my lift for my truck. Again, thanks for the professionalism and the workmanship."

On Time and Very Thorough.

5 stars

"I was looking online for ramp installers for my parents house in Clover, SC. We were referred to Patriot Mobility by National Ramp after I went on their website researching options. Troy from the Charlotte office was our estimator and installer. He was on time and very thorough in his work. We would recommend Patriot Mobility to anyone that has a family member that has mobilty issues. 10/10"

Commercial Ramp Q&As

Does my wheelchair ramp need to be ADA Compliant?
Wheelchair ramps for businesses and public spaces must be ADA Compliant according to federal law. These guidelines ensure mobility challenged people are properly and safely accomdated for.
How much customization does a commercial ramp have?
It depends on the brand of the handicap ramp, however commercial ramps tend to be more than simple inclines and instead are modular systems designed to include steps, platforms, and slopes.
What are some of the safety features of a handicap ramp?
When it comes to wheelchair ramps, they are among the safest mobility products in the market. They come with picket rails, handrails, non-slip surfaces, wide platforms, and even security gates if needed.
How do I know if my handicap ramp is ADA Compliant?
One of the best ways to know if your ramp is safe for business is by looking at the slope. A slope of a ramp must be 1 inch of elevation for every foot. Commercial ramps also require handrails and picket rails.
Can I build the ramp myself if I don’t want to hire someone?
You can, but it is not recommended. The problem with DIY ramps is that they may not meet all of the requirements for ADA Compliance which is serious for a business. It could also be more costly if you make mistakes along the way.
What’s the price range for a commercial ramp?
Unlike residential ramps, commercial ramps highly depend on the location, type of business and how much ramp is needed. This makes pinning down a price range very difficult and your best bet to get a price range is ask a company for a quote.
Is my mobility product safe even in rain or snow?
Yes actually. Wheelchair ramps are built with non-slip surfaces and feature a treaded surface that provides extra traction or a mesh surface that lets rain and snow fall accumulate less.
How long does it take to install a commercial ramp?
The actual assembly and installment of the ramp can take a day or 2 to accomplish. Shipping the materials, getting the right documentation, and settling the finances will add more time to the job than the actual ramp installation.

About Patriot Mobility

We are an accessibility solutions business quickly becoming a key player in the mobility equipment solutions industry. Patriot Mobility’s utmost goal is giving the gift of mobility and independence to our customers so that they can live their best life. Our line of wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, and many more products allows us to give that gift to you. When you can’t install or fix an issue with your mobility unit, we are more than happy to help thanks to our highly trained and expert technicians. We offer maintenance plans, repair and installation services for you that way you don’t need to worry if your mobility equipment is safe or not. 

If you are ready to take the first step towards independence, feel free to reach out to us by our long Island number or fill out the form here. 

$300 Off Ramp with Promo Code: Patriot