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Our line of commercial grade ramps are able to withstand large weight capacities, weather conditions such as snow, and extended time lengths.

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Commercial Ramps
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Commercial Ramps:

ADA ramps are mobility devices that adhere to the guidelines set forth by ADA laws. Any commercial grade accessibility product must follow the guidelines or be subject to penalties.  Ramps in particularly are safer as a result thanks to the models for them being closer to modular systems than traditional wheelchair ramps. Stairs, inclines, gates, and fences are available for configuration when picking a commercial ramp. 

Aluminum Ramps:

These mobility ramps are built from aluminum, making them lightweight, yet extremely durable. The other feature of these ramps are they can be configured and combined in a variety of ways to give you the ramp of your liking. Some of the features these ramps have are transition plates, steps, and gates. The ramp’s material is strong against rain and snow and is equipped with either a treaded or mesh surface for slip resistance. 

Modular Ramps:

Modular system ramps are combinations of inclines, steps, and platforms that form a fully functioning ramp. The benefit these mobility devices provide are the versatility and customization of the ramp to your business’s needs. These ramps are fitted with picket rails, guardrails, and transition plates are required by ADA compliance laws. 

Commercial grade ramps require much more precautions and focus than residential ones. Making sure all ADA guidelines are followed is what our team of highly technicians are capable of. We make sure to evaluate your business premises and measure everything as accurately as possible. If any documentation or drawings are needed, we can provide them as well.

We Service Areas All Over Charlotte

Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

We operate and provide commercial ramps to all parts of Charlotte. In addition to North Carolina, we also have service areas in over 10 locations, giving the freedom of mobility to local communities and businesses.
If you want to increase your business’s accessibility, speak with one of our mobility specialists today.

Commercial Ramp Q&As

Why is it important for my ramp to be ADA compliant?
All businesses are required by law to accommodate people with disabilities with mobility products that are cleared for use by the government. Failure to comply with ADA guidelines can result in legal penalties.
Can I check if my product follows ADA guidelines?
Ramps installed by a professional are most likely ADA compliant and can be used immediately. Just in case you can check for a low angle slope, picket rails, hand bars, and other requirements on the site.
Can I be certain that this mobility device is safe?
A commercial ramp is safe as long as it follows ADA guidelines. The laws were created to ensure customers using the ramp are safely accommodated.
Is maintenance going to be an issue for this ramp?
ADA ramps are able to last for a long time when installed properly. Maintenance won’t be an issue as long as the ramp is used correctly and doesn’t hold higher weight capacities.
Could I build the ramp myself if I wanted to?
If you are not trained or experienced in building ramps, then it is much safer to let a professional handle it. They will be able to install the ramp safely and make it ADA compliant.
How much would a commercial ramp cost me?
It is difficult to gauge price ranges because of the custom nature of the ramps. Prices can vary widely and that is before there are any additional modifications.
Does this piece of equipment have snow and rain protection?
Wheelchair ramps are made from materials that are protected from the rain and snow. Ramps also have surface designs that reduce the amount of time snow and rain sticks to it.
How long will it take for me to use the ramp?
Once the ramp is properly installed, you can use the ramp for your business. Keep in mind that using the ramp depends on permits or documentation holding up installation of the ramp.

About Patriot Mobility

We are an accessibility products company with over 10 locations in different states and a headquarters in West Babylon, NY. The number 1 priority for our customers is inspiring healthy and happy lives enabling them to have independent lives. We provide stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, and vertical platform lifts to all of our service areas and offer installations, repairs, and maintenances. All of us here at Patriot Mobility are dedicated to helping you achieve an independent life at home. We will evaluate, advise, and install your product with caution and care. 

If you are looking to expand your business’s accessibility or need a device for a new venture, call us today or fill out the form now. 

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