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Throughout the Charlotte area, we supply vertical platform lifts to your local community. Wheelchair lifts offer inside and outside accessibility to your home whether you are wheelchair bound or not. Speak with one of our mobility specialists for a free quote today. 

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Our Charlotte Vertical Platform Lifts Have:

Indoor/Outdoor Access

Wheelchair support

Obstruction Sensors

Additional Features

Internal Batteries

Robust Design

Our free home evaluations are how we ensure your new vertical platform lift is expertly and safely installed. Highly trained technicians will photograph, measure, and draw the parts of your home needed for the wheelchair lift. Home assessments are especially important for vertical platform lifts because of the fact construction work may be needed to install your unit. 

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Our Headquarters:

95A Edison Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704

Our operations and line of products are available all around the Charlotte area. In addition to North Carolina, we also operate in over 10 locations in the United States working with local communities and VA centers.  As we expand, we hope to bring the gift of mobility to your area.
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Our Google Reviews

What matters to us isn’t just making sure the job is done properly, but also giving you an outstanding service. The Patriot Mobility Staff are dedicated to promising you the best customer experience possible. We achieve this by having open communication, free home evaluations, appointment and installation follow ups. If we helped you in the past with a wheelchair lift or other mobility product, feel free to leave us a google review. 

They were Incredibly Responsive and Polite

5 stars

"We first engaged Patriot Mobility when we needed simple hand rails and bar grabs. But as my parents aged, they were able to help us more and more, including installing 2 different stair chairs and a vertical platform lift. Every time we called, they were incredibly responsive and polite. They truly understand the needs of aging parents and helped our family accommodate my parents needs for the long term, in a compassionate way. My dad is now 95, and is a WWII vet. Patriot partners with the VA to make sure he has the equipment he needs and that it stays working appropriately. Special shout out to Jose, who was our "go-to" repair person for years until his (well-deserved) promotion. We really appreciate Jose and the rest of the team in helping us keep our parents safe in their own home."

I Highly Recommend Patriot Mobility

5 stars

"All the folks at Patriot Mobility were professional, courteous, reliable, honest and a pleasure to work with, from the technicians, office workers, to Customer Service. I highly recommend Patriot Mobility!"

Thank You for Helping my Dad Out

5 stars

"My dad is a 90 yr. old vet who can only get around with his electric wheelchair. When his chair doesn't work then he's stranded. Patriot's came to his aid by explaining what the problem was and correcting it during a home visit. Thank you for helping my Dad out."

Vertical Platform Lift Q&As

How safe are residential VPLs?
Residential lifts offer superb safety capabilities thanks to their built in obstruction sensors, security gates, and internal batteries for power in case of electrical outage.
Are wheelchair lifts sturdy units?
When platform lifts are properly installed, these units are able to last for years with little to no maintenance. All you need to replace occasionally are the internal batteries.
What are some starting prices for vertical platform lifts?
VPL starting prices are usually at $9000 and can increase in price depending on construction work needed, additional features on the unit, or warranty plans.
Will my wheelchair lift work inside and outside my home?
VPLs can work just as well inside your home as it can outside you home. The only difference for an inside VPL is more space and construction work are necessary.
How much construction work is needed for a porch lift?
Unlike other mobility products, VPLs do require construction work and the amount of work needed depends on your home.
Am I able to customize my vertical platform lifts?
Most vendors do offer you additional features for your porch lift unit. Some of the customization for VPLs are security locks, enhanced batteries, and additional gates.
Can my wheelchair lift work during an electrical outage?
VPLs can come with internal batteries that supply electricity to the unit with or without power from the house. Ask your vendor if the lift you are purchasing has internal batteries.
Are there any maintenance or warranty plans for the device?
Manufacturer limited warranty plans are included with a VPL unit as well as any additional plans the vendor sells to you. Usually, your vendor or installer have maintenance plans for you choose at purchase.

About Patriot Mobility

Starting off as a tiny store in Deer Park, NY, Patriot Mobility is becoming an industry leader in the mobility solutions field. We are an accessibility solutions company stationed in West Babylon, NY with over 10 service areas across the country. Our commitment to inspiring healthy and happy lives is why we excel in customer service, safe product installation, and after purchase planning. We don’t just stock vertical platform lifts, but also wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, car lifts with repair and maintenance services. 

If you are looking to add more accessibility to your home, talk to one of our mobility solutions experts today and get a free quote. 

$300 Off VPL with Promo Code: Patriot