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Our line of Charlotte stair lifts can easily improve the accessibility of your home and give you a sense of independence. If you are looking to regain your mobility, speak with one of our mobility specialists today for a free quote.

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Before we take on any job, we evaluate your home at no cost to ensure that the product you get is the right fit for you. Our staff of highly trained technicians photograph, draw, and measure parts of your home that are needed for the installation, repair, or maintenance. As a result, our products like stair elevators are properly and safely installed. 

If you are looking for the safest chair lift installation, feel free to contact us for a free in-home consultation today. 

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We operate in all sections of the Charlotte area along with 10 other locations in different states. We bring the freedom of mobility to your local communities and VA centers with our stair elevators. As we expand into other parts of the nation, we will tirelessly pursue giving you quality products at an affordable cost.
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A satisfied customer is the standard for our customer service. We don’t just get the job done, but we listen your needs and worries. Open communication and follow ups are how we reassure you that your chair lift is in good hands. Patience and care are the foundation for our service. If you are one of the satisfied customers we helped, then feel free to leave us a review on Google. 

It was a Very Pleasant Experience

5 stars

"I recently had a stairlift installed and all i can say is WOW. Troy was very professional from start to finish. He took the time to explain everything and answered any question we had. It was a very pleasant experience to say the least. This was indeed the best experience I've had with someone during an installation. Your company needs more Troy's. Thank you TROY and patriot mobility for a pleasant experience."

Keep up the Great Work!

5 stars

"Patriot Mobility is very professional and on time. They keep to their word and call you when there's a change in plans. The job was done and working only in a few hours. The job was very clean and they took their garbage with them and left nothing on the site for you to clean up! The tech, Frank, was as courteous as you can get!! He answered all the questions you had about the chair lift. He was very knowledgeable about the product and how it operated! He worked until he finished and had you try it when he was done installing it. I would recommend this place to my family and friends!! Keep up the great work for our Veterans guys!! Thank you very much!!"

The Technicians were Very Professional.

5 stars

"Just put in the Custom Curved Bruno Stairlift, 4/9/2020. The technicians were very professional and fast. When finished I gave it a test ride. Smooth comfortable ride on extremely strong ride rails. Wonderful piece of machinery and nice to look at. My 96 year old father is very happy with this fantastic device! Highly recommended."

Stair Lift Q&As

Will a stair lift break the bank?
A new stair lift unit can typically range from $3000 to $9000, with the upper tier custom curved stair elevators being in the $9000+ range. However, these units are low cost investments as they can last for years without repair.
Do I really need a chair lift?
While you can opt for a ramp or wheelchair lift, a stair lift has a more cost effective approach to indoor accessibility and comfortable rides for outdoor access.
How long does it usually take to install a stair chair lift?
Stair lifts can be assembled and installed within a day and are ready for use. Curved stair lifts take more time depending on staircase design and incline height.
Can a stair lift support me if I am overweight?
Yes because most stair lifts are able to withstand weights up to 350lbs. If needed specialized heavy duty chair lifts from certain brands can hold up to 600lbs.
Will I need to hire a construction company to install a unit?
Construction companies or work isn’t required for new unit since they mount onto the wall or steps of your staircase. Construction is only necessary when there is an obstruction in the home that can’t be remedied easily.
Can I get a warranty or maintenance plan for my stair elevator?
During or before a purchase you may ask your stair lift provider about manufacturer warranties and if the provider themselves offers a maintenance plan. Chances are they do like most vendors and manufacturers.
Could I install on myself?
You can install a stair lift on your own, however the chances of you performing a safe and proper installation are slim if you don’t have experience. It is safer to let a professional handle the installation of your unit.
How customizable is my stair lift?
Additional features are available for your new unit such as power folding/swiveling, security locks, extra padding, and weather proofing for the outdoors.
Will a power outage affect my new chair elevator?
Chair lifts can come with internal batteries that power your unit even during a power outage. Ask your supplier if they provide units with batteries.
Do I need to maintain my stair lift from time to time?
Chair lifts rarely require maintenance and can last years before needing any kind of repair.

About Patriot Mobility

Patriot Mobility started as a company to help those in need of mobility and is quickly becoming an industry leader in the accessibility field. We are ever expanding to other states across the US, besides the other 10 service areas. Our mission is to inspire healthy and happy lives to those within our services through the use of mobility products. We can install a stair lift, maintenance a wheelchair ramp, or repair a VPL all while providing you with the most affordable, reliable, and safest. If you have any questions regarding our services in Charlotte or another local area, feel free to call us at 704-243-9959 or fill out the form on the page.

$300 Off Stair Lift with Promo Code: Patriot