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Does your business require a versatile and sturdy entranceway for your patrons? We stock commercial ramps that comply with ADA guidelines, making them the perfect solution to your business’s accessibility needs.  

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ADA ramps are required to follow the guidelines put forth by the US government and must be followed to the most minute detail. Here at Patriot Mobility, we offer free consultations and quotes where our team of highly trained technicians will measure, photograph, and draw your business for a proper installation. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our installations and ensuring your commercial ramp is as safe as possible.

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Our operations and service areas are in over 10 locations across the US including the Charlotte area. We work with local communities, VA centers and businesses in our service areas, while bringing the freedom of mobility to the surrounding region.
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We value your experience more than anything and our customer service reps strive to hear your story and get you the accessibility solution you need. As a result, our customers are more than happy to rely on us again. If we have helped you in the past, consider leaving us a review on Google.

It was a Very Good Experience

5 stars

"I highly recommend Patriot Mobility. We are a small non-profit organization that wanted to ensure our members and guests could access all areas of our center. Dennis and Pete from Patriot Mobility made that possible through their quick response, ease of ordering & instillation. They were available for questions, and cleaned up after the instillation. It was a very good experience."

Completely Satisfied with the Experience

5 stars

"I was drawn to Patriot Mobility because its owner (Ed) served as a Marine and I was buying the wheelchair ramp for my Mother, wife of a Marine who served in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. And I am very happy and completely satisfied with the experience. Their on-site expert and installer (Frank) was friendly and knowledgeable and their sales rep (Annie) was terrific. She clearly was interested in doing the best possible to meet our needs. Overall - very competitive, great product, and professionally installed. Moreover, my 101-year-old Mother is very pleased and happy! I recommend Patriot Mobility without qualification."

I Highly Recommend Them

4 stars

"I fell and broke my leg requiring surgery and after a couple of days was sent to rehab. A few days later a staff member tested positive for COVID-19 in another wing from mine but services were reduced to all patients to be safe. I was discharged early but unable to walk, let alone manage stairs. The first place my wife call tried to sell us a ramp and when we declined gave us the same price to rent one as for buying one. My wife then contacted Patriot Mobility who gave us a very fair price and rearranged schedules to get the ramp installed ASAP. They did a great job fitting one in a small space, the ramp looked brand new and they have been a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again."

Commercial Ramp Q&As

How can a wheelchair ramp be ADA compliant?
ADA Compliance for a ramp refers to a mobility device with an incline that is 1 inch in elevation for every foot in length, has guardrails, and picket rails for user safety.
Is there a way for me to check if my product is ADA Compliant?
One of the ways to check for ADA compliant ramps is reviewing ADA guidelines on ADA’s website. You can also measure the incline of the ramp, check for broken or missing guard rails.
What makes a wheelchair ramp a safe solution?
Wheelchair ramps make for a great safety addition to any business due to their adherence to ADA guidelines, sturdy structure, and non-slip surfaces.
Is my new ADA ramp going to last for a while?
An ADA ramp is among the sturdiest mobility structures, able to withstand weights well over 2000lbs, customize ramp designs, and weather-resistant material.
Would I be able to build my handicap ramp instead?
You are able to build a ramp if you have the experience and materials, however it is much safer to have a professional assemble and install a ramp, especially for a business.
What are some starting prices for a commercial ramps?
Pricing for a commercial ramp is difficult to map out due to the custom nature of the mobility product. The safest bet is to have an evaluation done at your business and gather the necessary documentation needed for one beforehand.
Will my mobility investment be safe from weather conditions?
Like most wheelchair ramps, commercial grade ones offer protection from rain and snow. Ramp designs treaded surfaces for increased traction or mesh surfaces to prevent snow accumulation.
When would my new mobility ramp be ready for use?
Once one is installed on your premise, it is ready for use. The installation and assembly of the ramp depends on normal circumstances such as potential obstacles and ramp length, however documentation and/permits are also a factor.

About Patriot Mobility

Our number 1 priority is to have you and your patrons experience the freedom of mobility. Patriot Mobility is a mobility solutions company stationed in West Babylon, NY with over 10 service area locations including Charlotte, NC. In addition to commercial ramps, we also stock and provide services for residential ramps, stair lifts, VPLs, and more. Our installations, repairs, and maintenances are handled by our team of highly trained technicians. We pride ourselves on our evaluation and installation process, making our mobility products one of the safest to use on the market. 

If you are considering increasing your business’s accessibility, talk to one of our mobility solutions experts today.

$300 Off Ramp with Promo Code: Patriot