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Want to give your home the accessibility that it deserves? Give us a call today for a free quote on a wheelchair ramp and experience the freedom of mobility. We currently provide handicap ramps and services to the Baltimore area. 

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Your safety is our number 1 priority and to make sure your residential ramp is safe we accurately evaluate your home. Our trained technicians will photograph, draw, and measure all parts of your home needed for the installation. We also do this to ensure you buy the product that is right for you and your needs. If you are contemplating which ramp to get, simply contact us for a free quote. 

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Our operations and service areas are in over 10 states in the US and we are ever expanding. Working with local VA centers, communities, and groups we bring the freedom of mobility to the region. We hope to also inspire others in the community to live happier and healthier lives.
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Customer satisfaction and positive experiences are the standard for us. Whether its an install, repair, or maintenance Patriot Mobility always gets the job done. We go above and beyond with our wheelchair ramps and as a result the communities and veterans we work are independent. If we helped you out in some way, consider leaving us a review on google. 

Very Professional and Courteous.

5 stars

"Would like to thank Troy for installing a handicap ramp at our house today. He worked by himself and did a great job! He was very professional and courteous the whole time. It was a pleasure to have a veteran doing the work to help a veteran. Great job!"

The Staff was Very Nice.

5 stars

"Patriot Mobility was a great help to me and my family. We recently had a wheelchair ramp installed for my younger brother who has spina bifida. He needs assistance getting up and down the stairs so we called to see if we can have a wheelchair ramp installed in front of our home. The staff was very nice and they answered all our questions. The technician that came out to take measurements was very helpful as well as nice. He struck up a conversation with my brother and asked about his favorite football team. Once we received an estimate, we were able to book the installation right away. We’re very pleased with the quality of the ramp and the work that was put into it. We definitely will be return customers."

One of my Favorite Companies.

5 stars

"Probably one of my favorite companies to deal with when I need my scooter repaired and parts for my wheelchair. Their receptionist Amanda is courteous and friendly and their technicians are very knowledgeable and informative. Never had one problem with these guys. I will be a returning customer! Thanks again!!"

Mobility Ramp Q&As

What ramp should I get?
Depending on the location and spacing, as well as how many people will be using the ramp. If you are truly unsure of which ramp you need for your home, consider contacting us for a free quote.
Is a handicap ramp a safe product?
Absolutely they are. Wheelchair ramps ae among the safest pieces of equipment to use mainly because they have guidelines mapping out how they should be built.
When can I expect my ramp installation to finish?
For installation jobs, typically a couple of hours are needed to put together a ramp for use. This also depends on how much ramp you are adding to your home since it may take the whole day depending on the length.
What is an ADA Compliant wheelchair ramp?
An ADA compliant ramp is one that follows the guidelines on how to build a ramp established by the US government. These ramps must have a 1 foot to 1 inch ratio of length to elevation, have guardrails, and picket rails.
Do I need to have construction done for my product?
For a residential ramp, it is very rare to have construction work done. Most installation jobs consists of assembling the ramp onsite and installing the ramp into the ground.
How much does a residential ramp usually cost?
Ramp costs usually depend on what brand and style your product is. Aluminum ramps can cost around $1000 and increase in price relating to ramp length. Wooden ramps can be slightly cheaper than aluminum or metal ones.
Will my product be slip-resistant?
Unlikely since outdoor ramps come with a tread or mesh that preventing rain/snow from impeding your movement. Even with wooden ramps they have grips and non slip attachments.
Can ramps support heavy weights?
These mobility products are able to hold at least 800lbs in weight and can extend that amount to 2000lbs depending on the type of ramp.

About Patriot Mobility

Here at Patriot Mobility, we believe everyone has the right to lead a mobile and independent life. We are an accessibility products company quickly becoming an industry leader in the accessibility and mobility solutions field. Through our supply of wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, and vertical platform lifts, our customers are able to lead a happy and healthier life. Maintenance plans, repair jobs, and product installation are our bread and butter, and we take great pride in providing the safest experience for you. 

If you are ready to start your journey of independence today, speak with one of our mobility specialists at 443-342-5300 or fill out the form. 

$300 Off Ramp with Promo Code: Patriot