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Looking into improving your home’s indoor and outdoor accessibility? Contact Patriot Mobility and inquiry about our line of Baltimore vertical platform lifts designed and manufactured by the best in the industry.  Simply call us or fill out the form on this page for a free quote. 

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Before we go out on a job, we need to assess your home in order to find the ideal product for you. We take great pride in making sure every photograph, drawing, and measurement is as accurate as possible. Because of this, our products are the safest to install and use. Our in-home and over the phone consultations are completely free of charge. 

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With over 10 locations all around the United States, we bring to every service area and person the git of mobility. We also provide our products and services to the Baltimore area, working with the local communities and VA centers stationed there.
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Inspiring healthy and happy lives are our company’s main goal and driving force for servicing customers. All of our installation, repair, or maintenance jobs are completed in the safest and most efficient manner. As a result, we provide a service that not only helps our customers find the product they need but enable them to live independently. If we helped you experience the freedom of mobility, consider leaving us a Google review. 

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"Patriot was absolutely wonderful! Excellent communication, service and installation of a ramp! Highly recommend this company!!!"

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"Patriot Mobility is very professional and on time. They keep to their word and call you when there's a change in plans. The job was done and working only in a few hours. The job was very clean and they took their garbage with them and left nothing on the site for you to clean up! The tech, Frank, was as courteous as you can get!! He answered all the questions you had about the chair lift. He was very knowledgeable about the product and how it operated! He worked until he finished and had you try it when he was done installing it. I would recommend this place to my family and friends!! Keep up the great work for our Veterans guys!! Thank you very much!!"

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"My family has been using Patriot Mobility successfully for years. The company retrofitted our home and made it more functional for everyday use. It is truly a one stop shop for all handicap accessible medical equipment and now offering a line of brand new vehicles for those in need. Highly recommended!! 5+ Stars to the staff and customer service putting us at ease and making us feel like family. Thank you Mr. Ippolito"

Vertical Platform Lift Q&As

Is a Vertical Platform Lift safe?
One of the most prominent features of a porch lift is its safety. VPLs are outfitted with secure locks, gated entrances, and obstruction sensors that prevent collisions.
How durable are VPLs?
Vertical Platform Lifts are built to last for a long time with very little maintenance required. The only component that needs occasional replacement are batteries if your unit uses them.
What are common prices for a residential lift
Wheelchair lifts typically have a starting cost of $9000 and can ramp up in price depending on location, amount of construction needed, and additional features.
Can I use a vertical platform lift outside and inside my home?
Porch lifts are actually not just for your outdoor porch but can be installed inside your home as well. Construction work and space are needed to properly install an indoor VPL.
Do I need construction done for a porch lift?
Unlike other mobility equipment, VPLs do require construction work completed in order to install. This also makes the time it takes to install a wheelchair lift longer than a stair lift or wheelchair ramp.
Can I add any additional features for my wheelchair lift?
Manufacturers and vendors do offer some customization for their units. Added security locks, batteries, and gates are some of the features advertised.
Will I be able to use my VPL when there is a power outage?
If your VPL unit has batteries as its main source of electricity, then it is possible for you to use it during a power outage. As long as you replace your batteries when needed you don’t have to worry about power outages.
Is there a warranty or maintenance plan for residential lifts?
Manufacturers usually have a 1-year limited warranty and vendors can offer supplementary plans. Vendors also have maintenance plans that cover servicing and repairs.

About Patriot Mobility

We are a mobility solutions business currently headquarters in West Babylon, NY with over 10 locations in different states. Our operations, services, and products are all for our customers to enjoy their newfound freedom of mobility. We have highly trained technicians and a committed staff who strive to give you the safest product and best experience. Thanks to our home evaluation process we are confident we can enable you to be not only mobile but safe as well. 

If you wish to also experience the joy of mobility, contact us through our local Baltimore number or fill out the form here. 

$300 Off VPL with Promo Code: Patriot