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Need a sturdy and up-to-code wheelchair ramp for your business? Patriot Mobility offers you ADA compliant ramps at a reasonable price, making them the perfect mobility solution for the patrons of your establishment. Speak with one of our mobility experts for a quote.

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For our ADA ramps, we take extra precautions in planning, installation and maintenance. Our staff of expert technicians photograph, draw, and measure every part of the jobsite, whether it is a business, school, or public place. We pride ourselves on our evaluation process and have perfected it in order to offer you the safest solution for your business. 

If you are looking into making your establishment more accessible, feel free to speak to one of our mobility specialists today. 

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We operate all across the Balitmore area, working with local businesses, communities, and VA centers. In addition, we also have over 10 locations in the eastern and mid-west sections of the United States. Throughout all of our region locations we bring the gift of accessibility.
If you live in the Baltimore area and need an ADA wheelchair ramp, contact us today
Our Google Reviews

Our customers understand how much planning and effort we put into every installation, repair, and maintenance job. Our main goal is to give people the freedom of mobility and whenever they have to enter a school, business, or a public place like a park. If one of our handicap ramps gave you the ease of mind we strive to accomplish, think about giving us a review on Google.

Would Recommend Patriot Mobility.

5 stars

"I was looking online for ramp installers for my parents house in Clover, SC. We were referred to Patriot Mobility by National Ramp after I went on their website researching options. Troy from the Charlotte office was our estimator and installer. He was on time and very thorough in his work. We would recommend Patriot Mobility to anyone that has a family member that has mobilty issues. 10/10!"

It was a Very Good experience.

5 stars

"I highly recommend Patriot Mobility. We are a small non-profit organization that wanted to ensure our members and guests could access all areas of our center. Dennis and Pete from Patriot Mobility made that possible through their quick response, ease of ordering & instillation. They were available for questions, and cleaned up after the instillation. It was a very good experience."

The ramp itself is sturdy and well done!

4 stars

"Patriot Mobility did a wonderful job with the ramp provided by the VA for my elderly father. Our representative, Troy, was exceptionally courteous and caring to my 98 year old father in speaking to him (as Dad sat in his wheelchair at the front door) about his service in WWll and making the installation day a real joy for my dad to watch. Troy engaged my dad with such a delightful afternoon that my dad felt so special to meet a new friend. We are grateful for such kindness. The ramp itself is sturdy and well done!"

Commercial Ramp Q&As

What does it mean for a handicap ramp to be ADA compliant?
ADA ramps are ones that comply with guidelines established by the American with Disabilities Act of 1990. All businesses and public spaces must accommodate people with disabilities and build their equipment based on these rules.
How can I check to see if my ramp is ADA compliant?
ADA guidelines can be found online from the ADA gov homepage, however for ramps the main things to remember are that your ramp must have guardrails, picket rails, and a slope that is 1 inch of elevation for every foot of ramp.
What makes a wheelchair ramp a safe solution?
Wheelchair ramps are among the safest pieces of mobility equipment since they come with a non-slip surface, guardrails, sturdy structure, and a flexible design.
How long will my commercial ramp last for?
Like most handicap ramps, a commercial ramp is built to last for several years with very little to no maintenance and repair. Aluminum, metal and even wooden ramps are made with materials that make them weather resistant as well.
Am I able to build a DIY ramp instead of hiring someone?
While it is possible it is not advised since you can run the risk of not following ADA guidelines and putting your patrons at risk. Having a professional assemble and install your ramp is best for you and your customers.
What are the typical prices for a wheelchair ramp?
Commercial grade ramps tend to cost more than their residential counterparts. Price ranges are hard to gauge as well due to the variety and outside elements such as permits and documentation needed for these ramps. Your best bet is to ask for a quote from a manufacturer or supplier.
Does my mobility solution have protection from rain and snow?
Most commercial ramps are built to withstand weather conditions such as rain and snow. Aluminum and metal ramps have mesh design or non-slip surfaces while wooden ones have gaps created to drain water and snow.
When can I expect to use my new ADA ramp?
Assembly and installation are dependent on the amount of ramp being installed and any potential obstructions to watch out for like uneven ground. Documents or permits can also extend the time require to complete the ramp.

About Patriot Mobility

Aiding others to live happy and healthy lives through the freedom of mobility is our ultimate accomplishment. Patriot Mobility is an accessibility solutions company dedicated to achieving this goal. We provide installation, repair, and maintenance services for our lines of stair lifts, VPLs, wheelchair ramps and more. We also offer free onsite consultations for residential and commercial areas. Our locations spread to different sections of the US, and we are continuing to expand our operations into other states. 

If you are looking into installing an accessibility product like a mobility ramp, speak to one of our staff today on how you can experience mobility independence. 

$300 Off Ramp with Promo Code: Patriot