Wheelchair Ramp FAQ

What are the different types of wheelchair ramps?

We can provide wood, steel, aluminum and aluminum solid decking modular ramps, in addition to portable ramps. The breakdown of ramps are as follows:


  • Folding Ramps
  • Portable Ramps
  • Threshold Ramps


You can also rent a wheelchair ramp from Patriot Mobility Inc. We offer short term and long term rentals for our portable and modular ramps. Inquire now to find out more information about our wheelchair ramp rental program.

How long of a ramp will I need for my steps?

It all depends on the height or rise of your steps. If you measure from the floor to the top of the steps it will give you the rise. That rise will determine the amount of ramp needed to ensure a safe slope. You can always call us for a free evaluation.

What type of wheelchair ramp should I buy?

Everyones needs are different. We offer different solutions for many situations. Some may prefer an Aluminum ramp over a Wooden ramp or vice versa. It’s also based on preference and the look and build of your home. It’s best to call us for a free evaluation so we can get you the right fit for your home.

Is there alot of maintenance owning a wheelchair ramp?

Some ramps do come with some additional maintenance. Overtime, wooden ramps need to be maintained due to outside conditions and weather changes. You can call us to discuss the details based on each ramp as we also provide annual maintenance plans.

Are there certain guidelines to having a wheelchair ramp installed?

The American Disabilities Act sets those guidelines in place visit our resource page for more information

What Types of Wheelchair ramps are for Limited Space?

Depending on the amount of space and height a wheelchair ramp may not be the best solution. Much of this depends on the structure of the home and the foundation of which the house sits on. Some homes can be built on slight inclines or declines depending on the area. It’s always best to call us for an evaluation as we can provide alternate solutions should a wheelchair ramp not work.

What types of wheelchair ramps does Patriot Mobility Inc carry?

We can provide wood, steel, aluminum and aluminum solid decking modular ramps, in addition to portable ramps.

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