Stairlift Installation

Full Stairlift Installation Services In Long Island, NYC, New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida

Long Island Stairlift Installation by Patriot Mobility IncIf you’re thinking of installing a stairlift, Patriot Mobility Inc. can help guide you through every stage of the process. Our certified stairlift technicians are experts at helping you select the right stairlift model for your Long Island home. Not only do we offer stairlift installation but we also deliver your stairlift right to your door. Our stairlift specialists are fully trained to work in a professional and considerate manner while installing your stairlift. We take great pride in making our customers happy.

A trained and certified Mobility specialist will conduct a detailed assessment of your home and stairs before installing any stairlift. Once we find out the right dimensions, we will be able to choose the right stairlift model for you. There is absolutely no hidden costs and our stairlift installations come with a warranty or maintenance package. Some homes on Long Island, New Jersey and South Florida were built with curved stairs. If your Long Island home has a curved stair case, we will use our cutting-edge digital equipment to provide exact curved stairlift installation. Once we have the right dimensions in place, we then can discuss the available options such as: rail design, style stairlift chair and swivel seating.


Scheduling a StairLift Installation

Once you’ve made the right choice, our mobility consultant will then set up a date and time for your stairlift installation. Our stairlift technicians can book and deliver your stairlift in less than a week depending on where you live on Long Island, New Jersey or Florida. Bruno Custom Curved Stairlift Installation by Patriot Mobility Inc of Long Island NY

If you staircase requires a straight stairlift installation, Patriot Mobility Inc can typically deliver and install the rail within 3-10 business days from when the order was placed. Next day installation is available only if the stairlift is in stock. We stock most brands of stairlifts and can install within a few days and in some situation within 24hours.

Our Bruno Elite Stairlifts and Custom Curved Rail Stairlifts can be installed within 14-30 business days. Bruno curved Rail stairlifts require more measuring and custom building.  All rails are custom made by Bruno to fit the precise dimensions of your staircase. Bruno stairlifts are capable of handling bends in your staircase and can also negotiate landings from top to bottom.

To eliminate Confusion, most people think that stairlifts are fitted to the wall. During a stairlift installation, you will notice that the rails are fitted to the stairs. The stairlift then can glide comfortably up and down the stairs. Our stairlift specialists take every measure to ensure that the next time you schedule a stairlift installation on Long Island, that our expert installers accommodate your needs as much as possible.

How long does it take to install a stair lift?

A normal stairlift installation takes 3-4 Hours with little disruption. Our technicians come prepared and equipped with the right tools and materials to set up your stairlift and leave virtually no mess behind. Your Long Island, New Jersey or Florida home will be returned to exactly the same state that it was found in except for the stairlift that we just installed. Our stairlift specialists will also bring our own cleaning materials and vacuum cleaner and an additional pair of shoes so we don’t dirty up the inside of your home. 

Stairlift Installation Guarantees

Patriot Mobility Inc installs only the highest quality stairlifts. As a veteran owned business our stairlifts are American made and designed with expert craftsmanship and backed by our quality guarantee. The installation of our Bruno and Harmar stairlifts are guaranteed to provide customer satisfaction and pain free transportation inside and outside your home.

For more information on or to schedule an appointment with a stairlift installer contact us or call (631) 392-4050. For stairlift inquiries outside of New York call us toll free at (800) 392-9036.