Scooter Lift Installation On Long Island

Providing Scooter Lift Installation in Long Island, NYC, New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida

Scooter Lift Installation by Patriot Mobility Inc. of West Babylon NYIf you’re thinking of installing a scooter lift, Patriot Mobility Inc. can help guide you through every stage of the installation. Our mobility scooter technicians are experts at helping you select the right scooter lift model for your vehicle. Not only do we offer scooter lift installation but we also deliver your scooter lift right to your door. Our scooter lift specialists are fully trained to install, repair and maintain your scooter lift on your car, van or truck. We take great pride in making our customers happy.

Our scooter lift installation is available at our Long Island based office in West Babylon NY. Our scooter technicians are also available for house calls and install or repair your scooter lift in Nassau and Suffolk County.

Scheduling A Scooter Lift Installation

Harmar AL160 scooter lift installation by Patriot Mobility Inc of Long Island A trained and certified scooter specialist will conduct a detailed assessment of your vehicle before installing any scooter lift. Once we find out the right dimensions and the right vehicle fit, we will be able to choose the right scooter lift model for you. There is absolutely no hidden costs and our scooter lift installations come with a warranty or maintenance package. Once we approve your vehicle and we have the right dimensions in place, we then can discuss the available options such as: automatic lift or manual lift.

Our Harmar Scooter Lifts can be installed within 2-3 hours. Harmar  scooter lifts come with a number of features and options to accommodate the vehicle and the driver. We have automatic scooter lifts as well manual scooter lifts that we can install while you wait. Our popular Harmar AL560 Universal Scooter Lift is one of our most popular lifts.

If you are a fan of Bruno, Patriot Mobility Inc also carries Bruno mobility products and scooter lifts. Our Bruno scooter lifts can be installed in 2 hours and also come with a number of features and options. Our Bruno AL250 Scooter lift is a very popular lift and features and can lift your scooter at just the touch of a button.

How can I make sure the lift will work with my vehicle and my scooter?

Its best to call us and have one of our accessibility consultants assist you. Our scooter specialists are expert technicians and will be able to easily identify the type of scooter lift you will need to fit your vehicle. Some vehicles require specific models and installation instructions.

How Long Will It Take To Install A Scooter Lift?

Usually we can install in less than 2 hours. Our scooter lift installers will make sure to take accurate measurements and use the appropriate tools to accommodate your vehicle.

Are Scooter Lifts Easy To Install On My Own?

It is not recommended to install a scooter lift on your own. Installing a scooter lift may void the warranty. It is recommended that a scooter lift is installed by a professional installer to assure accurate fit and functionality.

Can A Scooter Lift Be Easily Removed From My Vehicle?

If you are in need to remove a scooter lift, Patriot Mobility can help uninstall your lift on your vehicle whenever you’re ready. Its best to contact one of your mobility specialists to better serve you and set up an appointment.

Scooter Lift Installation Guarantees

Patriot Mobility Inc installs only the highest quality scooter lifts in Long Island. As a veteran owned business our scooter lifts are American made and designed by American manufacturers and backed by our quality guarantee and approved by the Joint Commission. The installation of our Bruno and Harmar Scooter Lifts are guaranteed to provide customer satisfaction and pain free transportation inside and outside your home.

For more information on or to schedule an appointment with a scooter lift installer contact us or call (631) 392-4050. For scooter lift inquiries outside of New York call us toll free at (800) 392-9036.